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The Fight for the Future of YouTube

The Fight for the Future of YouTube

In the initial days of this year, Youtube executives have been started discussing the problem of online speech once again. Until the platform has permitted the users to upload videos in order to endorse with noxious ideas being on the side of freedom of expression and ideological neutrality. But now it is going to be reversed in this aspect. The CEO of Youtube namely Susan Wojcicki told her team that “There are no sacred cows”.

 There are two competing goals that have to be achieved by Youtube are “To eliminate the accusations of ideological bias that are underlining her company’s values”, according to Wojcicki. In order to achieve this, YouTube has designed a new policy to ban the videos that are getting traffic in historical “denialism” and “supremacist” views that are degrading the women. YouTube has decided to implement its new policy as early as June. And in the month of May, it had started its preparations for pride month by changing its red logo rainbow. Also, it had promoted the well known L.G.B.T.Q. video producers on Instagram.

On the 30th of May, at Vox a media critic namely Carlos Maza has upended these efforts. He argued that the campaign of the Company’s publicity had belied its harassment and lax enforcement of the content policies which already exist. This went viral as a twitter thread. And the video on a supercut of bigoted insults that received from Steven Crowder had been posted by Maza. Steven Crowder is a conservative comedian who has four million YouTube followers and he insulted Maza’s ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Also, Maza has claimed that he had complained about Steven Crowder’s behavior to YouTube’s content moderators many times. But they did not take any reaction on Crowder.

Again Steven has criticised Maza on his Twitter and Youtube channel. Meanwhile, the supporters of Maza had shared many screenshots of ads that come before the Crowder’s Videos stating that due to the reason that Youtube is offering popular video producers with ad cut revenue, the company had ignored the complaints that have been filed on Crowder from Maza. But the Youtube is still claiming that it would investigate this.

However, after a week, Youtube had tweeted that Steven did not any of its community guidelines by highlighting Maza in his videos. And the very next day, it had issued a policy saying that the company is not going to offer any ad revenue to the Youtubers who repeatedly violates its rules. So, it had imposed a cut off in terms of revenue from Steven Crowder. And no follower of Maza is happy. Because, Maza wanted Youtube to remove the Crowder’s channel completely along with large thumbnail youtube facebook, big thumbnail on FB of Crowder’s videos. But it did not happen what he wants.

Schaffer stated that hate speech had been a problem on the Youtube platform. Actually, Youtube was founded, in the year of 2005, by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, while working at Paypal these three people met with each other. Then, in 2006 they have hired a part-time moderator. And the company used to remove the videos very rarely by encountering pushback. But now many things have been changed in the youtube platform.

It was stated by Sundar Pichai, The CEO of Google that  Youtube has been attracting billions of audience and thousands of moderators. For every minute, the five hundred hours of a new video with youtube to FB thumbnail have been uploading by the users.

There is a note that Machine-learning systems are struggling to understand the difference between actual hate speech and content that describes or contests it. However, some platforms use metadata to analyze how many numbers of videos are getting uploaded in the Youtube from a user and how many comments that a video is receiving. However, this kind of analysis is having a certain limit making the content to bounce back between platforms.

Hence, due to these drawbacks in the company’s policy, Youtube has to work con certain things to make sure that the Future of Youtube is going to have remained. And the videos which are meant to get a large facebook link thumbnail that is going to be popped up in Youtube platform should not violate the community guidelines of Youtube.

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