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How User Experience Shapes Custom Software Development

How User Experience Shapes Custom Software Development

Businesses are now aware of how critical users are to them. It’s only because of users that businesses are now utilizing the arenas of latest trends and articulating them in their products and software. While it’s the time of experiments and risks, software development companies are regularly trying to help businesses overcome their current challenges and attain maximum users on their list.

Custom software development is one trend that has taken the industry by storm. It’s the type of software development that is customized as per the need and requirement of the end-user. Customized software development has evolved the software applications in a way that users get more of a personalized experience on the software. While all features and functionalities are very much needed in the software, one cannot ignore the need and importance of the user experience in the software application.

Fact alert: Forrester reports that the sites with a “superior user experience” will avail ‘visit-to-lead’ conversions at up to 400% higher than those without.

User experience lays the ground base of user interface and software layout with the users. UI/UX maintains the interest of users in the software since it is developed considering the taste and requirements of the user. In custom software development, development companies have the power to take control over the UI/UX and ensure development in such a way that it excites users in using the software application.

How does UI/UX play an important role in the custom software development? What is the impact of UI/UX on software development? If you are getting software developed very soon, you need to read the blog and know the value of UI/UX so that you can develop the software enriched with features, functionalities and great UI. Why you need that? Read more to know.

1. Sales Improvement

As explicated above in the introduction, UI/UX impacts the sales of any business. It is so because users are more interested in using any software that is build considering their taste, need, and requirement. No user would want to work on the software application that is not user-friendly, has a difficult layout, bad color choices, and haphazard navigations. All these factors are ingredients of UX and thus impacts the usage of the application which in turn impacts the sale of the software.

A survey estimates that the companies which incorporated UX design in their product and services have managed to boost sales up to 75%.

2. Performance and Productivity

It’s a known fact that software development is a tedious and monotonous task. At times, even developers find it difficult to find some inspiration and motivation in developing the same kind of software every then and now. UI/UX is something that improves their performance by giving them something new to work on. While UI/UX is mainly taken care of by the designers but developers are equally involved in the overall process since they need to know the inclusions in the software. Any kind of new and creative addition in the development process improves the performance of the developers and enhances productivity simultaneously.

3. Brand Value

Branding is an important aspect of any business. It builds the business face value due to which a business is often recognized. An improvised UI/UX can enhance the brand value of any business and elevate its presence in the market. Not every business today offers solutions that are developed keeping the users in mind. Their needs, expectations, budget, and requirements call for a solution that is relevant to their demand. A quick inclusion of UI/UX in the software improves the look and feel of the product and makes it easier for the user to explore and use the application. This automatically builds the brand value of the business as the business is often recalled for attaining the same software application delivered earlier.

4. Customer Satisfaction

How many times you would have heard that business doesn’t care about the needs of the customers? We can guarantee there was no time. Maybe a few decades back when there were fewer possibilities of introducing multiple and personalized products but not today. Custom software development has made the solutions personalized and user-friendly for the end clients. This improves customer satisfaction and pushes customers to stay loyal to the business. If the customers are not given personalized and favorable solutions, there are chances they might end up switching the brand and business real soon.


Wrapping up, developing a UI/UX based custom software has become the critical demand of today’s generation. Any users wouldn’t want to stay with the software application that is not user-friendly and doesn’t offer great and improvised UI/UX. Other brands are ready to develop solutions enriched with great UX. This builds the competition sphere and business have no other way out than building such a solution themselves. The great move would be to build a team that takes care of the development and designing of the software application as UI/UX improves the sales and performance of the business. 


Siya Carla is the Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which provides unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating interactive mobile apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent mobile app development company.

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