How to travel efficiently as a college student?

Travelling while you are in college can be very exciting. Going to an unknown place with friends or solo, away from all the comforts and exploring uncertain situations is the best kind of adrenaline rush you expect. But all this comes with various challenges. Especially if you are just starting out and don’t have any experience in this then you might puzzle yourself by asking questions like when to go? How to manage expenses, where to accommodate and eat etc. Here are some of the most important factors you need to understand if you want to travel as a college student.

1 . When to start your journey

The main thing is to travel when you can, if you wait for huge breaks so that you can go for long trips then you might not get any chance to do so. Small weekend trips are the best way to take short trips to nearby places and cities without worrying about time, excessive planning and money.

2. Plan long breaks for longer trips

If you want to go to some far places that will take a lot of time and planning, you can take full advantage of the summer or winter holidays for doing so. When you travel in your holidays you will not miss out on your studies, you will have more time to plan your travel, spend more time exploring etc.

3. Maintain your college life

As you may already know that college life can be very hectic and taking time out of it seems like an impossible task. There are regular tests, exams, seminars, assignments etc that will consume a lot of your time and you cannot even avoid them as they have marks that can impact your overall results. Especially assignments that take more time than the others, for that you can look for assignment help services online that can help you to make this process more efficient.

3. Try to make as much as plans with friends

College life is precious and you should enjoy it while it lasts. Making travelling plans with friends can be highly beneficial as you can share the load, expense and experience with each other. Having someone you know in an unknown place can be a little assuring and enjoying the time with your friends just might be the best thing for you. If you are a loner and enjoy your time by yourself and like doing solo travels, that’s great too. Everybody has their own preference.

4. Try to travel in the off-seasons

You should take advantage of the college breaks to travel to popular places and try to go there when there is an offseason and there is not much crowd going with you. Visiting a place in the offseason has various benefits like the cost of transportation to that place is cheaper along with the accommodation, food and visiting place charge.

5. Make a budget

As a student, you don’t have so much money to spend carelessly here and there. You need to calculate your whole trip, keeping track of transportation, accommodation, food and other expenses and make a budget. The most important part is to stick to that budget coz while you travel there can be situations that can be very tempting. You need to suppress the temptations and focus on your budget.

6. Take full advantage of the student ID

Travelling as a student you can take great advantage of the student ID and get discounts on everything. You can get easy discounts on train tickets, travelling places, hotels etc. Make sure to research which places accept student IDs, you can even ask them if they provide any student discounts.

8. Buy advance tickets

If you are travelling in trains or planes it is recommended to buy tickets in advance as the cost of advance booking is way less than last minute flight tickets. Booking tickets 3-4 months before is considered a great choice. Watch for sales in airlines, hotels etc.

9. Do your research beforehand

Either it’s a long trip or a short one doing your research before coming to the place you want to visit is a great choice as it helps you plan better but the plan should be flexible enough to make changes while you visit it because not everything can go according to you especially in an unknown place.

10. Be super creative while spending your money

If you’re afraid to go to your dream destination because it’s too expensive and you might ruin your budget then don’t worry. You have to find ways to spend as much as less money on accommodation, food and any other services. It will be harder but it’s worth the effort.

11. Pack your bags efficiently

While travelling you need your essentials like dress, money, medicines, passport, charger etc. You don’t need to pack a lot and carry 2-3 huge bags as it will slow you down while travelling and there are high chances that you can lose them.