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YouTube Tips and Techniques for Effective Video Marketing Strategies

YouTube Tips and Techniques for Effective Video Marketing Strategies

Businesses are well aware that video content is inevitable, ineluctable, inexorable and inescapable. The brands are thus using videos to enhance their outreach to the potential audience effectively. As of now, more than 400 hours of video content is getting uploaded on YouTube every single minute and it is expected that by end of this year videos will account for 80% of the total internet content. As they have proven to be such a strong medium to engage the target customers, more and more businesses are using YouTube marketing strategies.

As such a mammoth amount of video content is getting uploaded every single minute, you need to put in special efforts to make your audience aware of your existence and make your presence felt. This is in the form of using the right SEO tactics aligning with the YouTube search algorithm.

Here are a few of the advanced tips and techniques that will make your video marketing strategies effective.

Make Your Videos Searchable

This can be achieved by making use of keywords in the title itself.  If you use ideal keywords in the title, your video is more likely to get searched. Care should be taken to ensure that the title matches the content in the video and the keyword should not be stuffed unnecessarily. You can make use of the auto-complete feature of YouTube to figure out the words that people normally type to search for a particular thing on YouTube. This helps in framing better titles while optimizing the keywords. 

Engage Viewers by Weaving a Story

Video marketing is all about engaging your potential audience. If you are able to tell a story through your video, which makes the viewer feel connected, your target can be achieved more effectively. The content depicted in the video should be indulging, inspiring and should compel the viewer to perform an action. The viewer should feel whatever you are trying to convey through the story shown in the video.

Describe Videos

An apt video description is of paramount importance to get better visibility in YouTube searches. It is always recommended that in the description you should make use of the search engine’s autocomplete keyword phrases. It brightens the chances of getting noticed better.

Utilise the Time the Viewer Spends on Your Video Effectively

The average attention span of a viewer on any video is only 8.5 seconds. Make those seconds count by providing content that increases their curiosity and keep them engaged so that they get motivated to watch further. If you ask the right questions or provide the right teasers in these initial 5-10 seconds, the viewers are more likely to watch your entire video, thus increasing the possibility of completing the desired action.

Insert Call to Action Buttons at Right Places

You would have posted the video content with the sole aim of appealing to your target audience and motivating them to make sales. To persuade your desired customers to buy your products or services, the video should contain the call to action buttons at the right places. You don’t need to place them at the end of the video. The whole idea of YouTube marketing is to prompt conversions and hence your call to action buttons should pop up during the video at the right instant such that the viewer is ready to take an action. These buttons should also depict a sense of urgency to motivate the viewer to take the desired action instantaneously. 

Add Closed Caption (CC) Feature

It is not necessary that all your potential audience would be speaking or understanding the same language. Most of the time, they will be multilingual. To approach all of them, it’s better to use the CC feature, which depicts text over video. This removes the requirement of making the same video in multiple languages, which is not feasible. With text flashing, it becomes easy and helpful to understand the narration better. With text translated into different languages, it’s easy to reach out to wider audience speaking different languages.

Upload the Transcript

This is another effective technique to get noticed both by the YouTube algorithm and also your target audience. A transcript is nothing but the textual narration of whatever content is depicted in the video. Most of the times, a person would want to know what exactly is depicted in a particular video before actually watching it and the transcript does exactly that. If a person finds the transcript appealing, they go ahead to watch the video.
YouTube marketing is a bit complex job as you need to have a grasp of YouTube algorithms besides appealing to your target audience with your content. The above-described tips and techniques will definitely aid you in developing and implementing effective video marketing strategies.

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