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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

YouTube No doubt the best digital marketing evolution of the century.

From child to adults and old, I bet everyone is familiar with the services of YouTube.

YouTube was first launched on February 14, 2005, only with the purpose of video sharing. But in the present context, YouTube is used for almost every kind of marketing service.

From the stats of 2019, YouTube gets over 30 million visitors, and almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube per day.

So, this is probably the largest platform after Google for digital marketing

What exactly is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube Marketing is the process of advertising your information in the form of video presentation through the help of internet.

In simple terms, anything you post on YouTube is YouTube Marketing.

People nowadays are migrating towards YouTube who recently was bloggers. It is because people prefer video presentation rather than texted way of presentation. There are more number of Vlogger than Blogger in recent few years as YouTube is a more effective source of marketing and earning.

So, how is YouTube the most popular platform for digital marketing?

  1. Increase your traffic
  2. Demonstration of your products
  3. Be more engaging
  4. Create original contents
  5. Use YouTube Ads
  6. Easier to find than google
  7. More and faster income if your content got viral

If you are thinking YouTube Marketing might be tough as it is a really good source of marketing and earning source. Then you are wrong; instead it is really easy and convenient source of marketing.

Another wonderful point of YouTube marketing is you only need a YouTube account and a video recording camera or even smartphones and there you go.

No one will stop you from advertising your products from uploading in YouTube.

But one natural rule is you have to have the patience of waiting because nothing is earned overnight.

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Ok let us suppose that you have posted a video on YouTube which is a pretty simple task, but your work isn’t just completed yet.

There are various strategies that you need to follow to grow your YouTube channel and increase the market. Below are some platform where you can promote your YouTube contents:

Social Media

Definitely Social Media fits for any kind of marketing purpose. It is the best platform to fetch a good amount of traffic into your contents.

You can create your own page on social media and share your videos. You are also able to view insights of your video and engage with viewers. There are many social media which are amazingly popular like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Share your video on every possible social media and have the patience of results.

One more benefit of sharing on social media is that you can promote your posts to thousands of people and get more ROI (Return of Investment) with the increase of your business.

Blog Posts or Website

You can have double profit with sharing your YouTube videos in your blog posts or website. It helps to develop both of your business accordingly.

It also diminishes your work as you can post your YouTube videos into your website. You can promote both of your business in one another’s help. This strategy not only helps in driving traffic to your YouTube but also drive traffic to your website.

To share your video, you just have to copy the link of your YouTube video and paste on the blog of your desire.


Email probably the most efficient source of marketing strategy as it directly notifies to your device, i.e. smartphone, laptop, etc. It is surer that people on your contacts are more likely to interact on your contents. Sending an email with extra information might be really useful strategy to grow your YouTube Marketing.

Five tips you must apply for successful Marketing

Finally, for running a successful YouTube Marketing, you need to follow some tips that will help to promote your business are:

  1. Posts your video frequently.
  2. Apply SEO and optimize your contents.
  3. Share in every possible social media.
  4. Create an attractive video with accurate thumbnail.
  5. Include call-to-action (CTAs) in every video.

In Conclusion

YouTube marketing is currently the dominating source of advertising. It is pretty sure that involvement in YouTube marketing will definitely increase your sales rate and uplift the business.

So, I recommend that you do not leave behind YouTube marketing for the sake of your business.

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