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Weight loss is an idea that the world is getting crazy about. In a time like ours where everyone is solely focused on body images the will to look perfect has soared up. But we live in luxurious times. People love eating gourmet food and therefore pile on the weight quickly and easily. Even little kids these days have a very high fat diet which makes them load on lubber right from a very young age. This turns into stubborn fat and can be very difficult to remove. Losing weight is something that everyone wants to achieve. And everyone likes a quick fix for it. No one wants to spend years trying to get into a desirable shape. They want to do something instantly. This is the reason for the birth of worst diet fads.

These fad diets, as the name rightly suggests, are called so because they are short lived and mostly bogus.

A fad diet might show instant results but only after causing some serious long term damage. In order to be able to keep away from such fad diets, one has to take a look at some of the worst ones in the history of our time.

Here’s a list of the worst diet trends of all time

Cabbage soup diet

This is probably one of those bogus diets that became most popular in a very short period of time. To begin with, let us first clarify that the cabbage soup tastes terrible. To sustain a terrible tasting diet is not only impossible; it is also a very bad thing to do to yourself.  The cabbage soup is made of, wait for it, “CABBAGE”. Yes, no surprise there. People proposing this have also tried to throw in an occasional onion and a garlic to give it some sense of taste, but well, they’ve failed miserably.

The cabbage soup diet requires you to eat as much of the soup as you want every single day for at least 2 weeks. Then you may take a week’s gap and then switch right back to the same diet. Although you do lose weight initially because you hate the taste so much you consume less and less of it by the third day, the weight quietly creeps right back up the moment you come back to normal eating. What’s more, the bounce back is much faster.

Bye Acid, Hi Alkaline Diet

This is the strangest of them all. It’s really an absolutely bewilderment that someone actually came up with something like this. For those who have tried this diet, well, here’s some information; science is an actual thing, guys. It isn’t fiction. It really does exist.

Anatomy is real. There is a particular way in which the body works and no matter how much you try to mess with it, it will not change just because you think it should. The BAHA diet (Bye Acid Hi Alkaline) diet proposes that one should eliminate the consumption of anything that is acidic, including lemons, yogurts etc. This will reduce the acid level of the body and increase the alkaline level so that you end up losing weight. Well, sorry guys, science doesn’t work like that. The body has its own mechanism to work out acid alkaline balance.

The Buffet diet

The buffet diet suggests that you should just go ahead and eat everything you want to. Wondering how that is a diet? Well, the theory behind this is that if you eat everything and follow no restrictions, you will soon get “bored” of food and therefore quit eating as much. Well, a question that comes to mind is, how do you thing we got here in the first place: We ate all we wanted and bloated up. People who like eating food; never really get bored of eating. They get bored of a cuisine maybe or even a particular dish. But simply getting “bored” of consuming food just doesn’t happen.  It is sometimes painful to burst the bubble on such myths, because we are certain someone out there did it and things went horribly wrong for them.

worst diet fads


The ‘Be Your Own Dietitian’ is the worst diet of all. Everyone loves doing this. People these days have an access to a vast variety of information. Instead of sticking to one plan, people would usually go through a lot of material, speak to different people and pick the points that they think they can follow or the ones that they like.

Two things can come out of this. People either never lose weight, or they end up gaining a lot more. This is probably the biggest reason why we suggest that on should hire a proper certified dietitian to achieve their weight loss goals. They can look for dietitians online or simply use a “Doctor on Demand” application. An on demand dietitian app will allow the people to locate the best dietitians around their areas. They can also schedule the dietitians to come and visit them at their place.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.