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7 Amazing Workouts For Weight Loss

7 Amazing Workouts For Weight Loss

Have you recently put on some weight? Are you looking for easy ways to shed it? While dieting might have been your go-to weight loss strategy, it might not yield results without proper exercise. Only a physical workout can help you burn fat and reduce the extra kilos that you have been carrying around. While you might be thinking of hitting the gym, you must know the right workout plan before. Here are some of the best workout plans to help you lose weight quickly.

Seven amazing weight loss workout plans:

1.       Swimming

      For the ones who tend to get bored in the gym, swimming can be an exciting alternative. Swimming in an open pool becomes an exciting way to exercise and lose weight. It allows you to move your entire body, get fit, and flexible. You can also lose some extra kilos by using breaststrokes, backstroke, or butterfly stroke while swimming. A swimming session of only 30 minutes can quickly help you burn 300-400 calories.

Workout plan: If you do not know how to swim, enrol for guided training. Once you are familiar with the techniques, you can start swimming with 30 minutes every day and gradually increase the time. Swimming three times a week for 1 hour can help you reach your desired weight goal.   

2.       Cycling

      We all grew up learning how to ride a bicycle with our friends, but did you know that it can be an excellent weight loss strategy? Yes, you read that right. Apart from being an easy way to get active, your cycle can also aid your weight loss journey. You can burn around 300 calories by cycling for 30 minutes, or you should be riding to the heart rate between 68% and 75%.

Workout plan: Cycling makes up for the most accessible workout plan. If you have a cycle, you can start by using it for 30 minutes each day. But, if you don’t have one, you can invest in one or hit the gym to use a stationary bike. But we seriously recommend you riding an actual bike instead of a stationary one. Apart from walking regularly, cycling can also be an excellent cardio exercise.

3.       Pilates:

       While pilates may sound like a severe weight loss training, in reality, it is a series of fun exercises. Pilates allows you to indulge in activities that involve the core of your body. These exercises can be a fun way to get muscular strength and flexibility while losing weight. The pilates exercises focus on the midsection, helping you tone the muscles and get a leaner look. With a 3-minute pilates session, you can burn 108 calories.

Workout plan: If you are a beginner, you will need the assistance of a professional. You can either enroll for classes nearby or use online videos to get the guidance. Start with 30 minutes session to get healthy and fit.

4.       Weight training

     A majority of people believe that weight lifting is ideal only for building strength, but it can also reduce your weight. The body loses weight when the metabolism rate increases. After a weight training workout session, the metabolism rate goes up and helps burn more calories. You can continue on your weight loss journey with this training for a long time. For those wanting to do bodybuilding, can take legal steroids, under the guidance of experts, to achieve their goals quickly. If you need some guidance, you can head to Canadian Juice Monsters for expert advice.

Workout plan: Training with weights at least 3 times a week can give you significant results. You will start feeling slimmer within a few weeks. While the popular way to indulge in weight training is by going to the gym, but if you have weights, you can also do it at home.

5.       Yoga

      Yoga is the best exercise for both your body and mind. This ancient practice involves following certain poses and postures that involve your entire body. It can help fight various diseases, help keep you fit, and lose weight. Performing yoga for half an hour can burn 150 calories. It also shows remarkable results in reducing the waist size of obese people. 

Workout plan: Perform yoga every day for 30 minutes, either in the morning or evening. You can do it at home or get yourself enrolled in yoga classes. 

6.       High-intensity Interval Training

      As the name suggests, high-intensity interval training involves intense exercises. There are exercises that you must perform in a short time frame, and there are alternate periods of rest. The shorter time and increased intensity lead to faster burning of fat through the entire body.  

Workout plan: It is straightforward to make your interval workout plan. You can pick any activity that suits you, and you can customize your schedule by deciding the time for exercise and rest. 

7.    Running

     Last, yet the most effective way of losing weight is by running. Jogging or running every day helps you to achieve overall fitness and keep many ailments at bay. It can even work on the fat accumulated on your belly, known as visceral fat, and help you lose it quickly. Running for 30 minutes at a pace of 5 miles per hour can burn 300 calories.  

Workout plan: Put on your running shoes and run for 30 minutes every day. You can increase the time once you get comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Excessive weight can significantly affect your personality and confidence. Not only that, with weight comes a series of health issues as well. If you want to become healthy and fit, it is time to lose weight. Adopt a suitable workout routine with a healthy diet and say goodbye to being obese.

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