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Working Of Furnace through Portable Generator

Working Of Furnace through Portable Generator

A furnace is an electronic device used to heat air. It works for residential as well as commercial buildings. In earlier times these were powered by coal or wood, nowadays, in modern versions natural gas, oil or electricity is used to produce heat through furnace. 

Speaking about Portable generators, the potential for temporary generators are undeniable. They help out during power outages, they are flexible and are also transferable, therefore can provide power in any place. 

In places where power cut is an issue, people prefer using generators or inverters to keep power supply running. These portable generators or inverters are capable of running tube lights, fans, charging of mobile devices etc. But for appliances like the air conditioner, refrigerator, heater (furnace) might not get power through normal watt generators.

Several factors determine whether a portable generator would be able to power a furnace, such as wattage of a portable generator and a furnace, reliability etc.

A small generator delivers 3,000 to 4,000 watts which is enough to supply a medium-sized refrigerator, a few appliances, a TV, and some lights. If you want more, up the wattage to 5,000 to 6,000 watts and you’ll be able to add a window air conditioner or two, a freezer, and more appliances. Large generators that deliver 7,000 to 10,000 watts enable you to run pretty much everything in a medium-sized house including a central air conditioning system.

Let Us Understand The Working Of A Portable Generator Along With Furnace:

To connect a furnace to a portable generator disconnect the furnace’s wiring from the main power supply and then connect the power supply to a single outlet plug of a furnace. Using single outlet instead of double is to ensure that no other device should be plugged into that particular circuit, keeping it safe with regards to code. 

Test your connection by turning on the power back and verify that a single outlet is working properly. If yes, then plug your furnace in its outlet. This is how you can use a portable generator to run your furnace through an extension cord coming from it.

CAUTION: Before powering any electronic device to the generator, ensure that those appliances have proper wiring and connection to the generator. In many cases this is majorly through the circuit breaker box. This requires the use of transfer switch that needs to be connected to the breaker box. Then after, plug on the portable generator into a transfer switch connection and flip on the breakers those power appliances that are needed to use.

Disadvantages of Using Portable Generators:

Produce High Level Of Carbon Monoxide Gas:

Portable generators produce a high level of carbon monoxide when they run. This can be deadly if the gas is inhaled for a longer time, therefore, it is recommended to use generators outdoor away from doors and windows. Even minor exposure may results in severe diseases.


The portable generator produces irritating noise while running.

Manually Operated: 

They have some drawbacks, you need to take it out of storage, carry it outdoors to the appropriate area plug it into your home, and add a fuel source such as propane, which you will need to store nearby. 

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