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Top 7 Tips to Push eCommerce growth for WordPress website

Top 7 Tips to Push eCommerce growth for WordPress website

So, you came to the club of eCommerce business. Welcome!!

Indeed, you made the right choice!!

But, there is a lot of hard work you need to perform.   Because the competition is fierce, so it requires your WordPress website to be on the first page.  It demands regular updation of the site with trendy technologies and strategies so that you can boost your eCommerce website.  

Owning the right products and services for your online business is through a correct approach to start with, but the other aspect that plays a significant role in is-presenting your business to the visitors appropriately.  So that they later can be converted to customers. 

We all know that customers are the critical aspect of enhancing the conversion rate of your eCommerce business. Now, everyone loves to consider the Internet for everything. And, accordingly, they choose shopping websites for purchasing their necessities. Ecommerce website development company though is quite helpful in aiding the customers to share the necessities for their eCommerce business to make them shine among others.

They can order whatever they want and can receive at their home seamlessly.  Who does not wish for this comfort zone? We All, right??

Let’s find out the incredible statistics eCommerce business holds:

  • It is analyzed that global digital buyers will be 1.92 billion until the end of 2019.
  • 25% of the population shops online. It is increasing tremendously, and estimates says that it will be 2.14 billion till 2021.
  • For eCommerce sales,  the data can be reached up to 13.7% for retail sales.  That simply implies that eCommerce business is steady, making its path towards success.  
  • 85% of customers accompany online research before buying online. it is because of the reason that the online eCommerce websites give accurate and detailed product description (including customer feedback) that helps them to trust them and purchase. 

Attaining an eCommerce website using WordPress Content Management System is the best deal one can go with. WordPress has given us the best eCommerce options. Several professional developers have practised WordPress with its backend code.  

Additionally, it does not even cost you much; it is almost $100 -it integrates the cost of the domain name and a prominent theme.  We are here to give you the top seven reasons about pushing eCommerce growth for WordPress website. 

But, before directly getting to the topic, it is necessary to find out the reasons why most of the eCommerce businesses fail. so that you can consider these facts and can run your eCommerce business to the best extent.

Reasons for eCommerce business failure 

No marketing plan

First and the foremost thing is that you should outline a marketing plan for your eCommerce WordPress website.  You will not achieve what you have expected if you could not consider the solid marketing plan. Spare some time and perform the plan appropriately.  

There is always a second time, so if you fail the first time, then try again and boost your business sales.  It is known that most of the purchasing starts online, so, your websites must have a higher ranking in the search engines. 

No ranking in Google

Another leading aspect is that your website should be eCommerce search optimization friendly.  It is essential so that the visitors can find you on the first page of the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when they search the keywords.  Most of the searches (35%) are done on Google.  

Plain Design

The first thing that every visitor’s check is the design of your eCommerce website. And yes, it is one the critical factor for more ROI.  You need to examine a suitable redesign process that solves the UI/UX and every technical issue promptly. Therefore, the aim is to develop a strong and big brand that the customers can trust.   

Lack of promotions

If you want the rate of selling to be accelerated, then you need to run promotions.  You should give reasons for your visitors to buy from you. Make your promotions highlighted or visible on your website. 

Incompetence of quality content

Integrating the quality content will insist on the customers buy from you. That is; the product description- the buying guidelines and the product detailing. 

It can be either of images or videos.   Engage your visitors to have a comfortable shopping experience with you.  As it gives more chances for your eCommerce website to rank higher in search engines. 

Boost eCommerce growth for WordPress website using the below tips

Regular updating of Content

Incorporating essential keywords to the whole website is vital.  You can add them to the product pages and their descriptions. Now, Content is the king.  If you post regular Content for your product in the form of articles and blogs, then you will get more chances of customer engagement.   

You can go with an internal linking strategy using blogs that can redirect the visitors to your product page.  Backlinking can also be done that can feature your articles to other websites. Use the below tips that can help you to improve ranking:

  • Visual content

Go with visual content as it will keep their interest level up. Use the HQ visuals such as graphics, images and videos that describe the working of your product. 

  • Consider videos

Include videos so that visitors can understand your product easily. Demos or explanatory videos can be added that shows the product working.

  • Reviews and testimonials

Play smartly! Tell your customers to post a picture of the product purchased from you and give them some points that can be added to their cart. And, they can use those points for their next purchase. 

Uncover a comprehensive sales funnel

Being a business owner, your first aim must be how to make the visitors insisted when they first check your eCommerce website. The sales funnel can do this. It converts your visitors/leads to the customers.  

** Sales funnel is the regular process since the visitor click on your eCommerce website to purchasing processs**

It differentiates according to every customer’s requirements and the journey they hold. You should mention all those points that can insist them to purchase from you. eCommerce for WordPress website has three stages as mentioned below:

  • Perception 

It is the first stage where the customers will make an idea about your online store. They will find out who you are and what your online store is dealing with.

  • Consideration

The visitors check the products and the website that your online store is dealing with to make a buying decision. 

  • Attainment

It is the stage where the visitors already had made the decision. And are ready to proceed to the checkout page.

Before building the eCommerce website, it is crucial to discover the customer journey on your WordPress website.  For examining, use the Google analytics map; that is; navigate to; Google Analytics-> Audience-> Users flow. 

Prioritize SEO

Higher ranking on SEO matters a most for your eCommerce website to grow.  Find out the below tips to enhance the ranking;

  • Discover keywords

Find out the keywords that are mostly used the users while searching the products. You can use Google and Amazon to check out the list of suitable keywords and integrate the one that can boost your sales.

  • Modify website structure

Organizing the website pages has a significant role in your website ranking and customer satisfaction.  Make it comfortable for the users to find what they are looking for. 

High-quality images

Amalgamating the HQ images to your eCommerce website can make a remarkable experience to the visitors.   Do not give them the reasons to move to another site by using blurry and small images. Find out the tips that you can consider:

  • Use while or simple background to give a consistent and professional look for eCommerce website.  To make it more consonant, you can hire a WordPress Website Development Company to use useful images for the background.
  • Use an appropriate size image showing product; the default size is 1200X1600 (pixels).
  • Create your online catalogue persistently.  Give custom catalogue designs that can manage compatibility on the catalogue level.

Effective use of social media

Consider social media as the most significant agitator for eCommerce growth for the WordPress website.  It is nothing but, integration of three essentialities – Consolidation, Connections, and Engagement.  

If the social media users are practising positive interaction with the eCommerce business, then the chances that they can purchase from you are more. Social media is meant for creating connections.  Grow your customer base to give a boost to your sales level.

Email marketing

Studies say that there are more chances that you can attain more conversions from email marketing.  Find out the below tips to use email marketing effectively to give a push to your eCommerce website. 

  • Notifying the customers regarding the abandoned cart and insisting them to buy.
  • Use email personalization to the best approach to boost your eCommerce business. 
  • Convince them how effective it is to use the loyalty programs and the other actions they can take to achieve more rewards.
  • Building a Winback email campaign being the best way to customer retention using emails. 

Exceptional customer service

Satisfying a customer is far crucial than any other factor for your eCommerce business growth. So, you need to give 24X7 customer service to answer the queries that the customer might have.  This factor decides whether you can succeed or fail. Check out the below suggestions:

  • Try to give multichannel support.  Several channels can be used, such as Phone, social media, and emails.  The best method that has been adopted widely is a live chat (chatbots) to answer the customers’ queries promptly.
  • Integrate a  FAQ page that will make it seamless for the customers to discover what they are looking for. 
  • Allow them to give feedback. Integrate the survey template that will check the level of services your online store is providing.  It will make them feel important and gives an idea about the effectiveness of your team. 

Wrapping Up

We have mentioned the list that can push eCommerce growth for the WordPress website.   There are many ways, but the only significant one is given. Implement them today and begin your tour towards success. Do not forget to analyze every aspect before initiating it. 

Hopefully, you liked this article. If there is anything that we have missed, then let us know. Do share your queries and suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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Morris Edwards is a web developer & marketing strategist who works with Awebstar, the digital marketing company in Singapore. Apart from this, he loves to write blogs on web design, SEO & digital marketings. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to get his new articles and updates instantly.

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