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Things to know about a wood inlay wedding ring

Things to know about a wood inlay wedding ring

You come across a wood ring and wonder whether it will look good. Why not? Tungsten rings represent modern taste and choices. Since this hard metal can embrace any material for variation, you don’t need to think even twice. Of the various types of tungsten rings, the ones with wood inlay stand out from the rest of the designs for its unique appeal. That’s why perhaps people select them as their wedding ring too. The only thing is that you have to be slightly careful with it when performing certain activities.

Benefits of wood inlay rings

If you already know it, tungsten is a tougher and scratch-resistant metal compared to many conventional choices, including silver and gold. So, it becomes easier to blend it with any other material to offer variety. For example, when added with a wood inlay, the beauty of a tungsten metal ring gets a fresh boost in overall appearance. The longevity remains unharmed. In essence, a tungsten wedding ring with wood inlay can look outstanding for its unique design, durability, endurance, scratch-resistance, and charm. Some people may not immediately connect with it because of its unusual exteriors. But for them also, it becomes difficult to change their gaze.

Some wood inlay rings tend to be water-proof, and some can also stay safe from bumps when contacting a hard surface. However, this should not make you believe that it is invincible. Like others, it can even break under extreme conditions or circumstances.

Men who pay special attention to their fashion decisions can feel attracted to the different finishes of wood inlay rings. They can combine it with any casual or formal dress and grab the eyeballs.

Another reason why you may pick this one is for its price. Tungsten metals with wood inlay don’t cost as much as traditional metal, such as platinum, gold, and silver. However, this doesn’t become a barrier in allowing it to adopt exciting and beautiful designs. And, the best part is the amount of money you pay for it is less compared to the ones made in the same size in gold or silver base. Hence, even if your budget is limited, you can indulge in this choice tension-free. You wouldn’t feel you compromised with taste or choice due to financial constraints.

A quick shopping tip

Make sure you buy your ring from a trusted jeweler only. The place should be well-known and specialized in it. Only then can you expect high quality and design at an affordable price.

A wood inlay wedding ring can be a great idea because maintenance is also not a hassle here. You can use a micro-fiber cloth occasionally to keep its polish intact. In this context, it is essential to know that tungsten can be a hard metal, but it is brittle too. A sharp blow can crack or break it. Hence, you have to keep it safe. Also, don’t expose your ring to harsh conditions that can bear an impact on it.  You don’t need to worry about these things as other precious metals also require proper maintenance. For choices, you can click

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