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Use Windows 10 Update Assistant to Upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 Update v1903

Use Windows 10 Update Assistant to Upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 Update v1903

Well, it’s been a few months since the rollout of the Windows 10 May update and you should check it out if you haven’t updated your system. Updating windows regularly gives you the opportunity to stay ahead of the market trend and for security purposes also. It is important for you to keep your device updated all the time.

You can use the Windows 10 update assistant if you are looking to configure your PC with ease. You can install windows 10 May update v1903 without any hassle. It was a major update for Windows which brought a lot of changes to the windows with an improved UI. The May update is also important for security purposes as it has many new privacy and security features as well. If you have not updated your Windows to the latest version, you should install the update assistant and let it do that for you. This will make the installation much easier and more convenient for you

We will look at how you can install the May update on your system using an update Assistant.

Let’s get started.

Install Windows updates

Using the update assistant is quite simple and you can do that yourself even if you are not a tech head. You have to visit the official Windows website and download the assistant.

You need to visit the Microsoft website and click on the Update Now button in the window section. A tiny file will be downloaded to the computer. You don’t need to install it to run the update assistant, you have to double click on the tool and it will provide you a screen to check for the updates.

After checking for updates, you’ll see an Update Now button to start the update process. Before starting the update process, the tool will check for a few compatibility issues with PCs and disk space. If everything is well and good, the update process will start. It will offer you two options and those are:

  • Update the PC
  • Create an installation media

From these two you have to select the first one to begin the update process. All your files in the Windows are safe and nothing will change except adding new files and functionalities. Once the update process is started, it will take time. Because the May update includes many improvements to the UI and system settings. You should minimize the update assistant window and let it work in the background while you can work on other stuff.

After the update process is completed, you should restart your PC to allow the system to make changes. If you are not aware of which update is installed on your system, you can call Microsoft customer support number for extensive help. They will provide you with all the help you need to update your windows using an Update assistant. The update will bring a lot of new improved UI changes and functionality. Now, you can rest assured that your system is protected with the latest security improvements.

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