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Why store need a mobile application

Why store need a mobile application

The reason for you to meet with a mobile app development company to create a mobile application for your online store must be real. If you decide that you need it only because everyone around you is talking about an unprecedented increase in mobile traffic, then we must warn you that everything is not so simple, and you will not receive orders just by developing the application with a wave of a magic wand. Here, you need to dig deeper. Before you start developing a mobile application for the store, it is important to evaluate the need for the application, the benefits, and its capabilities.

1. Competitors

Conduct a competitive analysis. Surely you know your closest competitors in a niche and regularly monitor the innovations that they introduce. If there is a mobile application among them, then this is a real reason to invest in the development of a mobile application. Why? Because a mobile application is a competitive advantage, and if you do not have it, you are missing customers. It is also worth monitoring if their applications are successful. If not, then you either have a good chance to make the best offer to users, or application is not exactly what customers need in your niche.

2. Goals

Decide on the goals that you intend to achieve using the mobile application. Goals should lie in the plan of your business and not be limited to the mobile application itself. That is, getting ten thousand downloads is a bad goal, whereas increasing the average number of orders by 30% is a good goal. Ideally, the development of a mobile application for an online store should affect the entire business as a whole. For example, the average time for processing orders is reduced – it is possible to increase total sales without increasing staff.

3. The desire to invest

The mobile application will not be able to survive alone, without your help. If you throw it on the Internet and wait for returns from it, you can spend a lot of time and money in vain. Therefore, having decided to start developing the application, begin to think through a strategy for its implementation, promotion on the Internet, social networks, through offline channels. You must have a plan on how to present your application and a team that will do it with pleasure.

If you decide to make a mobile application, then think about what value you can offer future users. The mobile app itself is not a value – what the user gets from it is the value. And here, it is important to understand who your customers are, what pains they solve with the help of your products, what passions they may have, how you can help them directly in the application. You should understand this already, even if you are not going to create a mobile application. It is logical that in no case should you forget about it when developing an application by app development companies. Otherwise, you may get a great, super-valuable tool – completely unnecessary for your audience.

What could be the value of an online store app for users?

Full functionality of the online store site

If a person often buys from you, then by downloading the application, he will be able to reduce the time to search for products and buy more due to the constant “proximity” to your online store. Your application, when installed on the users’ phone, means that you are constantly at their fingertip. This ensures that you are close to them, and with the application, they can enjoy the experience of your online store to the fullest.

Application with your bonuses

By placing orders through the application, the users stand a chance to accrue individual bonuses, discounts, recommendations. With push notification, the mobile app users are the first to know about promotions that are currently going on in your store and stand a better chance to know more about your online store.

Customer Engagement Channel

Leave a review, receive an invitation to an event, be the first to know about the receipt of a new product, etc. These are important opportunities for the audience involved. With a mobile app, you can relate with your clients better. They can share their views with you, and you can also do the same.

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