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Why Selenium is more popular than other tools?

Why Selenium is more popular than other tools?

Lets first discuss why automation testing is needed in first place.

Presume you are working as a manual tester in a software concern.

Frequently you are given scripts to be tested which comes to you after the developer builds it. To test new scripts every time you need to run the same old test again and again so that you are sure that the new script has not affected the previous environment.

Next what you do?

Unfortunately, you are forced to test the complete application from the start. This consumes lot of your time and job gets over only when the developer completes the full coding.

Nightmare comes when your test fails and the developer has to fix the issue again and then the same comes back to you for testing again…

Gosh! That’s hell lot of work

This makes it clear why automation testing is the best needed option here.

In Earlier times, testing teams were given very less time and means when compared to development teams, as testing was given secondary place, and accountability for the project was mostly laid on the developers wholly.

But now things have changed due to changes in the industry demands. Now releases are very common and therefore releases of new apps frequently need different methods to write code and test them. Selenium become the talk of the town among all the web testing tools, with a roaring 300 percent surge in openings over the past three years.

What makes Selenium popular is the its friendly API which is simple to work and understand make tests easier to read and sustain. Selenium WebDriver is the most in-demand testing skill in UK, US, the Middle east and Australia, where jobs have hit the roof and as a result salary packages are very alluring.

Selenium WebDriver professionals can look for the below popular software testing job designations:

  • Quality Engineer
  • Automation Test Lead
  • QA Engineer
  • Selenium Automation Analyst
  • Senior Test Engineer, among others.

When Selenium came into the market during that phase people were using QTP which used its own syntax and had higher learning curve. Selenium features of being open source tool, its flexibility in using different programming languages, its compatibility with any OS and large community users readily available for any help or support makes it the most lovable and widely used automation tool. There has been a steady and certain growth in Selenium usage every year.

So if you are a software tester who is looking for –  a good career growth? A good salary hike? Confidence in automation projects – get yourself enrolled in the best training place in Chennai – TestLeaf –the only authentic place for automation training. You get end-to-end training on Selenium Training in Chennai  concepts from basics to advance level. They make sure you are put on hands-on training from day 1 and daily assignments make sure you are molded to perfection with each concept. Project day gives you ultimate confidence on handling a project on your own. They not only create an automation tester out of you but also make you positive on interview preparation also. They help you to create an impactful resume and make you 100% assured to go and crack interviews as well. My advise to all tester friends out there – learn, learn and implement to earn. Do not stagnate with manual testing anymore – else you are already in a danger zone. Upskill with new automation testing tools and get good opportunities waiting for you. All the Best. 

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