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7 Reasons: Why Printer Ink is so Expensive?

7 Reasons: Why Printer Ink is so Expensive?

Printer ink is an unavoidable expenditure in our routine life. As we need to meet with a wide range of printed documents every day to meet with personal and commercial needs.

From the past, ink is used for writing and drawing purposes. And till today, after the passing of various generations, ink is also evolving according to the needs and purposes of use. But, the greatest evolution comes when we start using ink in printer ink cartridges. The development of technology, on the one hand, increases the scope of using printer ink, on the other side to increase ink price.

Want to know why? Let’s know 7 major reasons for high ink cost:

1.Razor Blade Policy

Every printer manufacturer adopted with razor blade policy. This means they are selling the main product at low cost and consumable or accessories at a high cost. The same applies to inkjet printer manufacturers. They sell inkjet printers at very cheap prices and recover the remaining cost from ink. Even if a manufacturer need to bear some loss from the printer, but can easily make a huge profit margin from selling ink cartridge on an ongoing basis.

This is the best strategy by the marketers to giveaway a one-time profit and generates recurring income. But it proves a burden on printer owners. Therefore many of them choose alternative options to use the cartridge. Keep in mind, if your printer bears a warranty period, it can violate your printer warranty. So, check the pros and cons before bypassing the manufacturer’s restrictions for using third party cartridges.

2.High cost on Research and Development

Creating the best quality printer ink is not a one day task. It needs lots of time to make ink superior to before. Therefore, manufacturers need to spend a great effort and a portion of income on running these cartridge research campaigns successfully. With this, they have to bear high expenses for paying salaries and other company benefits to the research and development team. Finally, you get high-quality printer ink. But all these costs prove to be a burden on business and that shifted on users that reflect the inkjet printer cartridges price.

3.High Making Cost of Components

Not only ink, creating a printer cartridge drum also involves a high cost. Although it seems like a fairly complex piece of equipment that contains ink and with some nozzles. But there is a cost of plastic drum and nozzle involved in total printer cartridge cost. In addition, the ink itself contains a solvent and other solutions to create. While creating an ink some factors like it should not smear and can spread on the right type of paper is considered. All these features reflect in the printer cartridge price.

4.Unique Design Created for Different Printers Need

There are a number of printer brands and all of them offering huge varieties of printer cartridges range. Think, each brand needs to create different cartridge based on individual printer compatibility. Therefore, companies need to keep large research and development funds for each model they have printed. All these lead to an increase in the cost of printer ink cartridge. Because for every model they need to install ink cartridges creating setup that affect the company’s budget. As a result, they set a high value for printer cartridges.

5.OEM Believes in Quality

Ongoing research on printer ink results in better ink and cartridge creation. All this can be easily compared from the past few years ink cartridges with the quality of the present cartridge. There can be a great difference observed on ink cartridges’ quality. Today’s ink is of high-quality, lasting and delivers sharper results. As a result, better and faster results compared to the past. But all this research involves money that results in adding in the cost of printer cartridges when ready to deliver.

6.More Usage of Printed Documents than Need

The next great factor for the increased printer consumables is high usage of printed documents. As a rules demand and prices have an inverse relation. When the demand increases, prices also boosted, and supply remains the same. The same applies to printer ink in demand. When people will demand more cartridge and supply remain constant manufacturer increases the prince. Therefore, the best solution is to reduce ink consumption. Try to use soft copies (pdf) than hard copies. With the consumption reduction prices will get cheaper.

7.You May be Using the Wrong Printer

Using the wrong device for printing means you are going to add the cost to your printing. Wrong devices always consume higher ink, therefore you need to order ink frequently. All this creates more demand and as discussed above demand, supply and price rule, prices will reflect and become a burden on your pocket.

As you are able to find reasons for the high price of printer cartridges. Keep in mind, cutting original ink cartridges cost during manufacturing is impossible. But yes if you want to save some pennies, you can follow the following tips you can know the best ways to save money.

What are the best ways to save money?

Reduce Printed Documents Demand

Even after the advent of technology, there is a high demand for printed documents is seen in businesses. But there is another way to reduce this cost i.e by increasing the use of soft copies. For example, if you need to circulate notice, you can send a soft copy of the printed document in pdf file rather than offering individual copies to every staff member. With the reducing printing cost, you can cut business or home budget also.

Use Compatible or Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

If you are looking for another way to save money, using compatible or remanufactured cartridges are also a good solution. You just need to consider the two essential things, first, it will not violet your product warranty. Second, it must be purchased from quality manufacturer only. These two simple steps will save your money and deliver you the best quality results. Because there are a number of third party manufacturers that offer quality cartridge. You can consider them for buying ink.

Choose Bulk Buying

Buying in bulk is always proven the best way to save money. Same with printer ink cartridges. If you want to save money always choose to buy cartridges in more than one quality. Ordering in bulk either from the internet or from the retailer helps to give extra discounts. If you are ordering from the internet, websites offer you free delivery and an additional discount. This means you are going to save a big chunk of money.

Buy XL for Business Needs

Basically printer cartridges come in two models i.e standard and XL. standard cartridges are the ideal choice for a home printer and XL are good for business printing purpose. As per size, XL has more resources in the cartridge. Therefore, one can print a large number of pages from a single cartridge. If you print more, either for personal or commercial purposes, XL is an ideal choice.

Online Shopping is the Best Source

Online shopping is the best way to deal with increasing ink cartridges cost. These sites offer you various vouches, discount coupons, promo codes, and other sources of shopping to slash prices. Availing them will surely benefit. You can also buy original cartridges at cheap printer ink prices. But do not forget to check the website and their term and condition than buying fake cartridges.

Buying a cartridge is an essential part of the business and their high cost is like complimentary gift. But in this post, we had also discussed the easy ways to cut printer ink cost. So, read and share if you would like to help someone else!!!

Author Bio:-  My name is Lance Clemons working as Industry marketing manager for Printzone. Printzone offers a wide range of inkjet printer cartridges and laser toner supplies from Multiple brands like HP Printer Cartridges, Brother Ink Cartridges, Canon, Samsung, Fuji Xerox etc. at seriously discounted prices

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