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5 Important Reasons Why You Need Talented Generation Z Employees in Your Startup

5 Important Reasons Why You Need Talented Generation Z Employees in Your Startup

Millennials have been the talk of the town when it comes to the business world but the time has come to start turning your attention to a new generation of (soon-to-be) adults – generation Z. They encompass those born from 1995 to 2015 which means that some representatives are fresh out of college or they already have a couple of years of working experience.

Since they will soon start to take over most job positions, entrepreneurs will have to think about shaping the workplace to their needs and if they are wise enough, they will start doing so as soon as possible. Having in mind that this generation has grown up with things others faced in different adult stages, such as the internet and acts of terrorism, their views differ from that of previous generations, which is something one needs to keep in mind. So, here is an overview of key characteristics and reasons as to why you need generation Z members in your workplace.

Knowledgeable technology fans

Older generations have accepted internet and technological advancement as they appeared, while generation Z was born with it which makes it all more natural for them. They are a truly digital generation which thoroughly enjoys technology and all of its benefits without even feeling the need for a technological detox as most older generations occasionally do.

While your other employees might dread using new software you wanted to introduce to their daily operations, a generation Z employee would be the first in line to try it out. From attending AWS training courses to keep up with new cloud technology to reading tech blogs and attending conventions, you can make sure that you’ll always have someone who’s well informed about the latest tech trends in your camp.

Besides bringing enthusiasm regarding different gadgets and software solutions which facilitate everyday work, you will always have a reliable employee to break the ice and be there to encourage and help everybody else start using that novelty. If you refuse to advance in technological terms or neglect your brand’s online presence, your generation Z employee will feel alienated and might look for a better job opportunity.

Thorough problem-solvers

Being comfortable with technology also means that generation Z isn’t afraid to experiment and try to do things on their own via different tutorials they see online. They might fix a problem with their computer or make chocolate cookies at an early age because using online knowledge resources is innate for them and something they enjoy spending their free time on.

This inclination comes with the ability to study the smallest details and present the most optimal solutions for any problem if given enough time to research it. This also means that there is no need for micromanaging since generation Z employees don’t need bosses but coaches who will motivate self-realization and ask thought-provoking questions to unlock all their hidden potential. A typical managerial system can be somewhat stifling to them but if instead of giving orders you include them in the discovery process, you will manage to instigate the creativity and meticulousness of these young generation representatives.

Genuine diversity appreciators

Workplace diversity is often strived for by employers but not that often attained for different reasons among which is that other employees are sometimes consciously or subconsciously prejudiced. This often results in the employees with a disability quitting their position, regardless of their high performance simply because they feel estranged.

And then you have generation Z which not only accepts diversity but works better in such an environment thinking of it as more natural and inviting. Many companies have successfully expanded their talent pool by including people with disabilities which in return has strengthened customer relations and enhanced their brand image. Not to mention it generally boosts staff morale, especially when you have generation Z members in your team. 

Undisputed flexibility lovers

Your generation Z employee isn’t your average worker who comes to work at nine, sits at the desk and leaves at 5 in the afternoon. They have a different perception of time and they often are guided with the logic that there is no need for traditional working hours and a suit-and-tie outfit if the task is done perfectly and in accordance with the deadline.

They enjoy working from home from time to time, preferring the comfort of their rooms to strict corporate culture. However, if something needs to be finished as soon as possible, they are no stranger to staying late and working overtime until they see something done. Their avid dedication will be an inspiration to the rest of the staff, so you can consider reciprocating by making their working environment more pleasant, such as allowing dogs in the office or organizing office parties.

Hardworking social butterflies

Although they are a tech-savvy generation like no other, they still enjoy socializing face-to-face with their colleagues, friends, and family and successfully managing to find that balance that keeps escaping the older generations. They enjoy meeting all kinds of people and getting to know them and don’t have any form of prejudice towards any race, culture or gender.

Having them in the office will create tighter bonds between employees owing to their innate desire for embracing differences. This also means that traditional boss-employee relationships will not function with them since they love to get personal with people they spend time with and this includes their bosses which takes a bit of getting used to for an old-school type of employer. If you want your generation Z employees to feel truly integrated and therefore motivated to give their best, you need to connect with them on a personal level.


Generation Z members, although young, are hard-working employees with many qualities every business owner looks for in a worker. They are good with technology, solving problems in a creative way, and raising team spirit which makes them wonderful coworkers and employees alike. To have a head start, it’s best to begin hiring these talented young people right away.

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