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5 Key Reasons Why Mobile Advertising Is Becoming More Important

5 Key Reasons Why Mobile Advertising Is Becoming More Important

The use of mobile devices is increasing at a rapid rate and hence it is very important for businesses to keep up the pace with the advancements in technology. The mobile devices have surpassed the usage of laptops and tablets by 80% in 2018.

Surprisingly, the conversion rates through mobile phones are pretty higher compared to the conversion rates through the desktop. Google has already announced that mobile first indexing will afffect the ranking of your website. This technology is going to be the most popular in 2019 to grow your business and target more audiences with marketing trends. Your website search ranking will be depend upon mobile searching.

Here are a few key reasons why mobile marketing is gaining rapid importance in the current scenario:-

Time Spent on Mobile Devices Is Very High

In a survey conducted by an American institute, it was observed that an average individual spends around 10-12 hours of time on mobile phones. This means that an average individual spends around 300-400 hours every month navigating through various websites and also for other businesses and personal activities.

So, it can be clearly concluded that mobiles are one of the best means to capture the audience’s attention and make hot sales for any business. This is the reason why most of the companies are spending a decent amount of their profits on app development and mobile advertisements.

Mobile Marketing and M-Commerce Go Hand in Hand

Nowadays, a lot of consumers are using mobile phones to purchase all kind of items online. Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Flipkart have seen this to be a potential market and started developing mobile-friendly and user-friendly website design and app design. It was also observed that 60% of the ecommerce sales in 2018 were only through mobile platforms. Integrated mobile marketing will see a huge boost in revenues. Even the start-up e-commerce companies are outsourcing their SEO services to agencies in order to be ranked organically on the search engines.

Purchases in Store

Mobiles help the consumers to compare and select the product of their choice. Companies that have strong mobile marketing can take the advantage of this to increase their sales. Moreover, search engines always come with advanced algorithms to rank the sites with a mobile-friendly design. Also, new forms of automated mobile marketing are taking over the web, which is known to boost the sales of the e-commerce stores by 25%.

Open Rates of SMS Is Higher Than Email

In a study conducted by a popular mobile company, it was observed that the open rate of SMS is pretty high (around 98%) compared to the emails. Tailoring your SMS as per your customers is the key for conversions. If the customer finds your SMS to be appealing, he can convert then and there. Also, it was proved that if the customer finds the SMS appealing, he or she is more likely to visit your website within 3 seconds of reading the SMS.

Mobile Marketing Targets Wider Audience

As the use of mobile phones is increasing rapidly across all the demographics, it is easier for businesses to reach a wider audience through mobile app marketing. Also, mobile manufacturers are developing cheaper yet powerful mobile phones to bridge the demand and supply gap. This can also be seen as a golden opportunity for advertisers and marketers to reach a wide set of audience.

Availablity of Quick Services

Mobile has become the most necessary part of our daily life. A physical store prefers mobile services for advertising and e-shopping. Every customers looks for quick and easy services which can complete his needs anytime and can be easily reached. A reputed company should reach every user via mobile marketing techniques and also get feedback easily.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are the important elements in mobile marketing which can not be ignored. Every marketer should take care about privacy and security of mobile marketing. All the important of a customer should not be shared with any other person. Marketers should have access for messaging to users and follow a process to enable, block messages services.

Mobile marketing is continuously evolving and plays a key role in creating a strong brand presence as well as increasing revenues for any kind of business. In conclusion, every company must make sure to adapt the marketing strategies as per the latest technologies in order to outperform its competitors. These strategies should be changes to attract more mobile users via internet. Every business should consider mobile marketing otherwise it may affect your business growth.

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