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Why is my hp printer offline and what are the possible reasons for this issue?

Why is my hp printer offline and what are the possible reasons for this issue?

HP is one of the most renowned and popular brands in the world of printers. The quality of the hp printers is just praiseworthy which insist users to purchase it even if it is costlier than others. The majority of the hp printer owners are pretty much satisfied with its performance but there are some users who are complaining about several issues related to improper configuration of the printer settings. Common issues like hp printer is offline have become a big hurdle for some hp printer owners which is not allowing them to use their printers. If your PC is also showing the status of your hp printer to Offline, then it simply means that your hp printer is in offline state and it will not work until the issue is resolved. This issue might annoy the users and can create troubles in the proper functionality of the hp printer. There can be several possible reasons which can be held responsible for this issue. We will mention all of them which you can check out and can confirm the same with your Computer:

1)    Connectivity between your PC and hp printer: 

The most common reason why your hp printer is offline is probably the   interrupted connection between your PC and hp printer. Whenever your Computer shows that printer is offline, then the very first thing which you must check is connecting wires and connection ports. Wired hp printers generally create this issue of connection and users are advised to check that all the wires are connected properly in their ports or not. However, in the case of wireless hp printers, users are required to check whether their Computer and hp printer are connected on the same wireless network or not. Sometimes the router with which both your pc and hp printer are connected might create troubles in generating network signals which is ultimately responsible for this issue of hp printer is offline.

2)    Outdated Printer Drivers:

 In case if you have found nothing wrong with the connectivity between your PC and hp printer, then you must check for the printer driver version that is running in your PC. Users are always advised to regularly update printer drivers on their PC in order to avoid any working troubles with their hp wireless printer. So, in case if you haven’t updated printer drivers in your PC for a very long time, then it might be possible that your printer will go in an offline state. Most of the users who have registered their complaint regarding this issue have found the same reason to be guilty.  

3)    Increased number of print jobs: 

If there are an increased number of print jobs that are pending in the print queue due more number of computers connected to the same wireless hp printer, then you might face hp printers  in offline state issue. Check the same under the printer settings of your PC in order to confirm that this reason is responsible or not.

4)    Printer gets blocked by the Firewall of your PC: 

Sometimes it may be possible that the firewall of your PC blocks the connected printer due to any suspicious activity monitored by it. Moreover, if you have installed any third-party antivirus software on your PC, then also the printer connected with your PC might get blocked. You can check the notification centre of your PC from the bottom-right corner of the display screen. If the firewall of your PC has blocked the printer, then it will show you the message or notification there.

5)    Hardware issues like Paper Jam:

 Basic hardware issues like paper jam or empty ink cartridge can also contribute towards this issue because if you insert paper or sheets whose size is bigger than the standard size of the printer, then your PC will show “hp printer offlinemessage. Furthermore, sometimes while printing pages, it may be possible that the pages will get stuck inside it. So, open the printer and remove the page which is stuck inside it.

How to fix hp printer offline on Windows 10

If you are able to detect the reason why your hp printer is facing “my hp printer is offlineissue, then it would become much easier for you to troubleshoot the issue with the help of the step by step guide which we will mention below. However, if you are unable to find the reason behind this issue, then it will become difficult for you to eliminate the issues that are restricting your printer to work properly. Anyways, we will now mention some of the most basic ways of troubleshooting that will help you to terminate this issue in one go.

1)    Reconnecting your hp Printer and PC: 

If your hp printer and PC is not connected to each other, then reconnect them properly and check whether your printer is back online or not. If you own a wired hp printer, then check the connection ports and wires. In case if the wires are not correctly attached, then insert them inside the ports to troubleshoot the issue. Whereas if you own a wireless hp printer, then quickly check whether your Computer and printer are connected on the same wireless network or not. Also check the working of the router and make sure that it is working properly. Once you reconnect the printer and Pc, you will observe that your hp printer is back online again.

2)    Updating the printer drivers: 

In order to update the printer drivers in your PC to their latest version, visit the printer manufacturer’s website and enter the printer model number and check for the latest updates from there. If a new version is available, then download it in your PC and quickly install it once the downloading is completed. You can extract the downloaded resource file from the “downloads folder” of your PC and can install it to check whether your hp printer is back in online state or not.

3)    Removing all the print jobs from the print queue:

You can eliminate or terminate the print jobs from the print queue under the “See what’s printing” menu. You will see the option of “Cancel all jobs” there on which you can click to accomplish your task. Once you cancel all the jobs, you can check whether the issue is fixed or not.

4)    Reconfiguring your printer:

 One more thing which you can do with hp printer offline fix Windows 10 is by reconfiguring your hp printer with your Computer. To accomplish this task, simply open the Control Panel in your PC and under the “Devices and Printers” menu, click on the remove device option to remove your printer. Now, add your printer again as per the on-screen instructions and see whether your hp printer is again working normal or not.

5)    Disabling firewall of your PC for sometime:

 If you have received a message in the notification panel regarding the printer device blocked due to Windows firewall, then you can disable it from the settings menu and can wait for some time till your printer starts working back normally. You can enable it again once the issue is resolved completely.

6)    Setting printer back online manually: 

 To make your printer back to online state manually, kindly open the “Devices and Printers” menu under the Control Panel settings on your PC. Right-click on the printer in question and select “See What’s Printing”. Under the drop-down menu, select “Use Printer Online” and then restart your PC. Once you reboot your PC, you can now check whether your hp printer is back online or not.

7)    Eliminating all Hardware issues: 

If hardware issues like paper jam or empty ink cartridges persist your printer to remain in offline state, then you must replace the empty ink cartridge with a new one. Moreover, you should insert paper of size equivalent to the standard printer size so as to avoid any chances of getting hardware issues on your PC. You can also try to remove the paper tray of your hp printer and then try reinserting again to check whether your printer is back online or not.

So, these were some of the basic ways of troubleshooting that are really very helpful for the users to troubleshoot my hp printer is offline issue. Follow each and every step properly to make sure that you will be able to troubleshoot this issue successfully.

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