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Why does a criminal defense lawyer defend guilty clients?

Why does a criminal defense lawyer defend guilty clients?

Have you ever watched a crime movie or drama and wondered to yourself, why is the educated elite lawyer defending a person as guilty as sin? Well to answer that we have to enter into a lengthy discourse on morality, which to say the least, is highly subjective. What appears moral to you may disgust someone else and vice versa. 

Criminal lawyers in Cobb County GA to be relevant and lawyers all across the world are probably the only ones who are so challengingly faced with the dilemma of morality. They have to constantly bear the brunt of their choices of defending someone allegedly guilty in the eyes of society. However one must not confuse between guilt being factual as opposed to guilt being legal. 

What is Factual guilt and Legal guilt? 

Whether the person committed the crime or not is a question of  Factual Guilt and is never the highlight of a trial. However, whether the prosecution can put together enough evidence to prove the guilt of the defendant proves their Legal guilt and that is the most important thing in a trial. 

And here is the reason behind criminal lawyers doing whatever they can to prove the innocence of their client. The job requires them to put a lid on their personal opinion on morality; therefore they defend their clients not caring about their guilt or innocence.

 It is neither their job nor place to determine the guilt of a person that job rests on the Prosecution. It is the duty of a criminal defense lawyer to preserve the integrity of law as well as their occupation and present a fair case with no biases.  

The prosecution and prosecutors likewise do everything possible with every resource available to them to prove the guilt of the defendant. Of course, both the Defense and Prosecution act according to the law.

Charges against a defendant may be of various types, like theft, murder, assault, grievous injury or DUI, a defense lawyer defends you putting in their one hundred percent to get you acquitted. 

How do Criminal Lawyers protect the innocent? 

Often onlookers are engrossed with criminal lawyers defending the guilty that they seem to completely ignore or forget the fact that they defend the innocent too. In many cases, it is the innocent who is unfairly charged on false charges and if not for the defense attorneys they are subjected to death or jail time that they do not deserve.

This is why defense lawyers do everything in their power to acquit their clients. Moreover, in many cases, incriminating evidence against the defendant may be misleading or simply circumstantial. Sometimes there aren’t dependable eyewitnesses so the circumstantial evidence is considered. 

Years later new evidence may emerge and reveal the innocence of the person who probably has already been given capital punishment or has served so many years in jail that they are a shadow of what they were previously. 

Therefore it is of utmost importance that defense lawyers defend their clients not caring about their guilt or innocence because no one can truly judge the action of others from a safe vantage point outside the defendant’s life.

Defending is a Criminal Lawyer’s Job

Defending is literally what they do. This is what pays their bills therefore we can consider it as an act of self-preservation. Human beings have the ability to commit good actions as well as horrendous ones and the interest of self-preservation tops it all.

Every human is outlined by the “Survival of the fittest”. Survival seeks no morality, it just exists in the mad scramble for materialistic pleasure that the world has now become. So when you see a defense lawyer defending an apparently guilty person, it is also an act of self-preservation apart from the facts that they are upholding the integrity of the law as well the responsibility bestowed on them. 

And it’s not like they are just born as defense attorneys, they assume their position only after years of grueling and struggle and therefore they are law-abiding citizens that help uphold the law.  And nothing better outlines the work that Cobb county defense attorneys do out here. 

Defending their way to a Fair society A society where all the important work is done by one body can never be fair. There are bound to be prejudices that will stop and harass the procedure of justice. Therefore if the police are entrusted with all the three- arresting, judging and punishing, there will be prejudices that will cloud judgment and innocent people shall suffer. Therefore Cobb county criminal attorneys here ensure everyone, that in the rare unfortunate event if they should find themselves on the other side of the law, accidentally or by choice; defense lawyers will be present to ensure that justice prevails, whatever be the circumstance.

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