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10 reasons why cloud computing is best for small businesses?

10 reasons why cloud computing is best for small businesses?

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most popular internet technology hosting options for small businesses. With all the benefits cloud hosting brings to the table, it doesn’t come as a surprise. 

Cloud computing offers server resources over the internet without the need to house your own expensive servers. This alone has benefited several businesses by cutting down the operational cost dramatically. Here, we are going to discuss how smaller companies can actually leverage the power of cloud computing to grow their business.

Budget & Limitations

It is a well-known fact that smaller companies do not have the budget and resources as bigger companies. 

Without the cloud, dedicated servers have numerous costs involved in buying software or hardware tools such as servers, operating systems, and applications But, now with the help of cloud computing they can get access to these indispensable tools without having to pay for an in-house IT expert for maintenance.

Easy access to the best tools

With the help of cloud computing, small business owners can get access to the latest tools over the internet which can help them with their business. 

No more worrying about if your computer is going to crash with valuable files on it, or not being able to access a file while you are home or traveling. The cloud gives you access to your files and tools no matter where you are.


Cloud service providers share infrastructure across multiple servers and resources and therefore, the cost involved to run the small part of a cloud server you’re using is much smaller than the cost would be for a dedicated server that is prone to failing.

More flexibility

A cloud server allows customers to respond quickly to needs or changes in the core business as cloud providers can add resources or services quickly and make them available to both their internal corporate users and their online customers.

Count on reliability

Cloud servers host files on a network of computers instead of just one dedicated server, so your files are less likely to be down, lost, or corrupted. 

By hosting in a cloud environment, files and servers are shared across a network and if one computer fails, the other computers within the cloud net pick up the slack. As an end-user you would never even know there was a problem.

More fault tolerance

Security of data is indeed a big issue for any company, be it big or small. Cloud computing provides high levels of data protection. Cloud servers simultaneously replicate your data across multiple servers so the data lives in more than one location. 

Cloud networks are typically hosted in top tier data centers so you also get the benefits of generators, fire protection, and more.

More compliance with smaller companies

Cloud computer gives you and your business access to your files however your company administrators decide. A cloud server setup gives the flexibility to access files over the web and from anywhere in the world.

Saves you time

Cloud computing allows you to avoid the hassle of installing and understanding the functionality of new application software. 

There is no need for hardware knowledge either. All you need is access to a computer and an internet connection and you can access your files on the cloud.

No more staffing requirements

There is no need to have extra in-house IT or hardware experts since your cloud provider will handle all of the hardware related issues.

As you can see, there are many benefits why a small business should consider moving to the cloud. Like any new technology the cloud has a few flaws, but they are trivial when you weigh them against the benefits. 

Nearly every web service we have or come to know already lives in the cloud, when will you move your small business to the next level of hosting and accessibility with a cloud server?

Easy promotion

Small businesses can only gain by having a fast server when promotions bring in volumes of new potential customers. With a cloud server configuration, if you need more server resources you can easily add them based on the demand of your site visitors. You only pay for what you use.

Author Bio: Ban sharma is a wordpress designer with a passion for blogging, helps newbie webmasters to grow in their field.

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