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Why Does Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Why Does Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

A circuit breaker shuts the flow of electricity and also protects the circuit from getting overheated. It acts as a safeguard while preventing the hazards and the fires caused due to electrical short circuits. It turns vulnerable when it happens quite often. When the circuit overloads, the electrical circuit breaks. Once you try to plug in specific electrical gadgets or operate the switches, the electrical circuit might break. Though you can reset the circuit breaker every time it trips, it is always better to get the whole issue fixed. Here is a handful of information, relating to the causes of a circuit breaker tripping. Moreover, the difference between a circuit breaker, a circuit overload, as well as a ground fault will make deciphering the reasons behind the tripping of a circuit breaker more informative.  

Three leading causes of the Circuit Breaker tripping are as follows –

  • Overloaded Circuit
  • Short circuit
  • Ground Circuit

Overloaded circuit

An Overloaded Circuit is the most significant cause behind the tripping of a Circuit breaker. It takes place when there are too many gadgets switched on at the same time and on a single electrical cord. The power load is more on the circuit, and thus it trips. Owing to overheating, the breaker trips. Be careful of the various electrical appliances which you use daily. If the same is getting hot or not working fine, it indicates an overloaded circuit. If the problem persists, get a hold of an electrician to install a new circuit outlet, which will be able to bear the entire house’s amp load.

Short circuit

The short circuit stands to be the potential reason behind the tripped circuit. Right from a loose connection, to inadequate wiring and worn-out and damaged cable/wires, the chances of a short course is more. The actual reason for a short course is behind a ‘hot/active’ fence touching either a hot or ‘neutral’ wire, in one of the circuit outlets. A considerable amount of current flow takes place, leading to too much production of heat. The circuit is unable to handle too much heat, and the short circuit takes place. A short circuit generally blows a fuse or the trips the circuit breaker. Sometimes sparks, smoke, or else bursting sound is heard from the same junction. The vicinity of the circuit outlet starts to turn black and emits a burnt smell. Never try to handle it alone, but immediately call an electrician. It is nothing but a fire hazard, so never try your luck!

Circuit Breakers

Ground fault

Call a professional electrician while inspecting or repairing any electrical glitches. A Ground Fault usually happens due to any defective electrical gadget. They turn out to be dangerous, as they make the grounding of any device of no use. Once you suspect any peculiarities with the electrical device or the wiring, immediately call an electrician. Lingering on the issue might lead to further risk.

Deciphering a circuit breaker has tripped

As mentioned earlier, if at any point in time, affects a particular area with power-off, rather than the whole house, it owes to the tripping of the circuit breaker. The electrical circuits are all protected with the circuit fuses. You should be well aware of the exact location of the electrical panel or the fuse layout. Never block the opening of the electrical panel, with any boxes, trunks, or furniture. Try identifying each switch and label them appropriately. It will help further in taking the precautionary measures fast. You might label the breakers following the room specific. Label them, indicating as living room lights or kitchen outlet connections. You will identify the tripping of the circuit breaker, and mend the same with immediate effect. The circuit breaker trips when the switch handles shifts in between the on/off position. Have a closer look to appreciate the electrical issue, and if you sense something more in it, get a hold of an electrician.

Reset a tripped circuit breaker

 tripped circuit breaker

While resetting the tripped circuit, turn off the breaker. Move the switch handle in the ‘off’ position, and then turn the same into ‘on’ location. Put to rest the circuit breaker for a couple of minutes and then unplug or plug the items to understand the actual cause of circuit breaker tripping.  It is always advisable to stand at a distance, or to the side of the whole electrical panel. This way, you will avoid the sudden electrical sparking emitting from the breaker. Various safety gears are available in home improvement stores, like goggles and gloves.

The options, as discussed, will help you get a clear overview of the reasons behind the tripping of the circuit breaker. Then whenever you face any issue associated with your electrical systems, take a moment to think over the steps discussed, or how to resolve the problems. Go for expert advice, and try implementing the same. There are many home warranties associated with the electrical hazards faced. You can also enroll in the same, and get your heavenly abode under insurance coverage. Keep your house a heavenly one, with all the safety measures.  

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