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Why Bali in Indonesia is called the Island of the Gods?

Why Bali in Indonesia is called the Island of the Gods?

No doubt, Bali is a beautiful and unique place with a wide range of Amazing Family Villas Bali, attractions, food, and Balinese culture makes an integral part of Indonesia “The Island of the Gods.” The best place for tourism, eateries, honeymoon couple’s destination, and predominately a Hindu nation under 240 million people when Islam is fundamental religion. This place has enormous strength of Hindu religion outside the Indian sub-continent and with many gods.

History of Bali

In the region Bali, Hinduism was first introduced in the 6th century through trading, which rapidly spread across the whole archipelago and appeared in the 14th century with the Majapahit Empire. 2000 BC, it was inhabited by Austronesian peoples who migrated from Taiwan, so the Balinese are mixed cultural and linguistic peoples of the Indonesian archipelago, Oceania, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The name of the island (Bali Dwipa) was discovered in 914 AD from the inscriptions, including the Blanjong pillar inscription, which was written by Sri KesariWarmadewa.

One nation, under God

However, Indonesia is a Muslim country and recognizes six religions, and they believe in one God, so it becomes problematic for Hinduism who think of many gods and goddesses. According to this belief, Balinese people started to pray to a single entity, a god of all Hindu gods ‘Sang JyangWidhi, and whenever a temple of the shrine is an empty seat, that is him.

Temples in Bali

There are 22,000 temples in Bali; you cannot visit all, though, but there are few famous ones like (Pura Taman Ayun, PuraUlun Danu, PuraTirtaEmpul, PuraBesakih and Pura Tanah Lot).

The village Banjar

Today the Balinese culture is a unique fusion of elements of Buddhism and Hinduism like crops that are grown on the fertile volcanic soil of the island overlaid in village life. Many festivals and celebrations are binds together as Banjar means neighborhood, so the committee is essential on the island of gods.

The abundance of landscapes and food

Bali is blessed with many natural resources; their unique culture and praying behavior make it distinguished. There is no comparison of all the beauties of nature the island has with many stunning beaches, culinary facilities, and worth seeing places and attractions. Just like the way rice terrace (Jatiluwih) manicured well and followed by the traditional irrigation system that is Subak.

Diverse weather conditions

The Bali Mountains are a little high in the north as the temperature in Kintamani goes down usually near 10 degrees or rise in Kuta and Ubud because of the tourist population. People who stay in 1 Bedroom Villas in Bali can enjoy all types of weather here on the island.

Bali is one of the place on earth where you can enjoy everything, from breathtaking natural beauty to the vibrant night life, delicious food, rich ethnic culture and absolutely lovely people. Bali has successfully preserved its historical sites which has become a major attraction for travelers from around the world. So, whether you are traveling with family, friends, or your special loved one, Bali has something to offer to everyone.

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