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Gifts show you treasure the recipient. There are plenty of gifts you can give on International Women’s Day. They fit in all ages and professions. You need to select a Happy Women’s Day gift depending on the one receiving the gifts. Here are some of the gifts you can offer.


Every woman cares for their skin and well-being. Thus, a self-care kit makes an excellent gift on international women’s day. There are several subcategories of self-care products you can choose from

Herbal bath bombs are great for relaxing nerves, and their scents help calm the mind. You can also add bath salts to the self-care pack.

A SPA kit is another self-care gift item. It has soaps, shampoos, bath salts, body creams, and body oils. 

Selfcare gifts are suitable for women in all age groups. They are the softest gift you can offer a woman. It shows you care about her appearance and well-being. 

Jewelry and Accessories

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Women love to accessorize their outfits on all occasions. If you want to offer young girls jewelry, you can offer them bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Several of them include leather bracelets, actual handwriting metal bracelets, pendant necklaces, etc. 

There’s plenty of jewelry for older women. However, their gifts differ in the choice of metals. You can also add classic wristwatches to the list. 

Phone Accessories

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You can’t walk around without a phone. They have replaced many items like pocket calendars, diaries, notebooks, etc. 

Airpods are the standard gifts on all occasions. But you can give other items such as portable chargers, charging cables, phone cases, etc. 

Select high-quality items that they can use for several years. Match the decorations on the items with the positions that the women hold. You can buy a flowery case for teenage girls. Buy bold plain colors for women in the corporate sector. 


Subscriptions are the best gifts you can give someone; There are several types of subscriptions. You can offer yoga subscriptions for fitness freaks. The packages depend on the level they have reached. Beginner yoga subscriptions range from one month to three months. If they don’t like yoga, you can subscribe them to other kinds of exercise. 

There are several movie subscriptions in the market. Give one woman a one-year subscription to the movie channel they adore. They will live to remember you. 

Other subscriptions include tea, coffee, beer, and wine subscriptions, etc. You can have a brief talk with the recipient to know what they don’t have at the moment. You also get to know what subscription may excite them.

Gift Vouchers

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The best gift you can offer someone is a gift voucher. They can use the coupon to buy what they need under the niche that the voucher covers. 

A gift voucher can fall under beauty items. Here they can buy makeup, soaps, makeup brushes, etc. You can also buy hair accessories under the beauty item niche. 

A gift voucher can fall under shoes, clothes, and handbags. You can help a woman you value own their desired designer shoe or handbag. Look for a gift voucher that can fulfill a woman’s needs.



Flowers are a timeless gift for all occasions. There are a few flowers that are dedicated to international women’s day. However, the flowers do not restrict you to a few choices. You can use any flower depending on how you relate with the recipient.

Oses are the common flowers to offer on women’s day. You can send a plain rose bouquet. Others prefer to send mixed flowers bouquets.

Other flowers common during women’s day are anemones, lilacs, tulips, daffodils, sunflowers, etc. 



Every woman needs to widen their knowledge scope. Books and journals are a great source of information. Thus, you can buy a wonderful woman some books. Several books are great gift options. For instance, books that talk about feminism are great to enlighten girls on issues affecting women. They also draw inspiration from the women who pushed for various changes to accommodate women at various leadership levels

Other kinds of books include inspiration and motivation books, self-improvement, habit building, and spiritual groups. You can also buy fiction books for women who love thrill and adventure. 

Gourmet Gifts

Gourmet Gifts.jpg

Gourmet gifts can transform a dull day into an exciting moment. They include sweet and savory edible items. 

The common gourmet gifts are candies, chocolates, and cookies. However, some people do not like sugary items. They would prefer healthier options. Thus, you can offer them nuts and dried fruits. 

Gourmet gifts accompany other gift items; You can add them to several gift baskets. People send chocolate with flowers, wine, clothes, shoes, wines, etc. The best gourmet items are handmade. They are expensive compared to other gourmet items. 

Final Word

Any of the gift categories above can fit as Happy women’s day gifts. They range from affordable to expensive gifts. They make every woman in all walks of life feel special. Ensure you select an International Women’s Day gift depending on the woman’s achievements.  

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