Which one is a Popular Tool Used in Agile Software Development?

Several tools are available as an option for custom software development like Zepel, Jira, Trello, and many more. But, do you know? Which one is a popular tool used in agile software development? And do you know? What exactly is agile software development? This article will help you to understand the concept of custom software development based on the agile concept.

What is Agile?

The word Agile means Rapid. This technology is based on an iterative approach to project management and custom software development that helps developer teams deliver value to their customers quicker and with fewer headaches. As earlier, it was waterfall technology that was taking too long to create custom software. Waterfall comprises processes like design, core, testing, deployment, and maintenance, which was lengthy.

Benefits of Custom Software Development Based on Agile.

Let’s say you have an idea of creating a custom software like Whatsapp or youtube. You hired a software developer. And it took about 1-2 years to create software and launch it in the market. But before this, some other company can launch a similar idea. Because it takes too much time to finalize a project, but now with the help of Agile software development, you can launch your idea in the market within a few days.

Suppose you want to have 12 features in your software or application. Using the agile for custom software development method, you can create 4-5 features out of 12 and launch them in the market. And the rest of the features you can keep updating. As you have seen, softwares like WhatsApp and other softwares keep launching new features every year based on this agile software development technology.

Why Agile is Popular Among the other Technology?

Instead of struggling with your software’s “big bang” launch, an agile team delivers work in minimum time. Requirements, plans, and results are evaluated continuously because this technology has a mechanism for responding to change quickly and any other software.

Which one is a Popular Tool Used in Agile Software Development?

There are many but JIRA software is the most popular agile tool for custom software development. It was built for bug tracking initially, but now it has been molded to be used for software development. Since JIRA’s capabilities are nearly endless, it is the default choice for most software companies.

However, their list of capabilities and their old UI and UX often hinders progress for several teams. It needs to be set up in the proper way for teams to use it effectively.

Features of JIRA as an Agile Tool

  • Bug tracking and fixing it
  • Boards
  • Workflows
  • Backlog
  • Roadmap
  • Multiple types of reporting chart

The Price for this software is $14 per user per month.

List of 5 alternatives of JIRA as an Agile tool

  1. Zepel

Features of Zepel as an Agile Tool

  • Feature Planning With Document Interface Effortlessly.
  • Create user stories, bugs, tasks, enhancements, subtasks, sections
  • Deep integrations with GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, and more.
  • Sprint iteration
  • Scrum Board
  • Its Kanban Boards are Customizable.
  • Estimation points
  • Agile and Sprint Reports like burndown burnup reports, charts, and cumulative flow diagrams.
  • Hashtag to set priority

It has several other features too.

2. Trello

Trello is also one of the popular software among agile teams focused on Kanban, which makes it effortless to initiate. Your board can have multiple columns within each project known as lists and cards to represent a task.

Features of Trello as Agile Software

  • Boards
  • Labels
  • Custom fields

3. Github Project Management

You might have already used Github to host and collaborate on source code. With Github project management, your team can track, manage, and fix issues too.

By linking issues with pull requests and code commits, the member of your team can track updates in every project without complicating your workflow.

Features of Github Project Management as Agile

  • Board
  • Labels
  • Issue linking to pull requests
  • Setup a custom workflow in minutes

4. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a project planning tool for the developer’s teams to keep your agile team on track to hit their sprint target. Its sprint planning guides you with breaking down and prioritizing projects into actionable chunks for your team to keep the momentum going.

Features of Pivotal Tracker as an Agile

  • Stories
  • Estimation
  • Backlog
  • Iterations
  • Velocity chart

6. Orangescrum

Orangescrum is a task management software with a cloud version and open-source. Along with the agile features it provides, Orangescrum also includes resource, time, and invoice management. It helps teams to work together with its collaboration features.

Features of Orangescrum as an Agile

  • Scrum Board
  • Sprints
  • Epics
  • Tasks management

Price: Free to $109 per month. It also provides a self-hosted plan with only a one-time payment in the range of $259 to $4,999.

To Sum Up

Agile has created a revolution in custom software development programs as it is very quick and effective to execute any idea in software and launch in the market before others steal it. It is a very fast and effective method for software developers.

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