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Beginner’s Guide: What is Web Hosting?

Beginner’s Guide: What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a term for the provision of storage space for websites. A provider, the so-called provider, rents hosting packages to the owner of a website that is to be set up on this. Customers benefit from the know-how of the service provider and do not have to take care of the maintenance of servers and background software themselves. However, not all web hosting products are created equal. Support for different script languages, database offerings and availability are three sub-areas that need to be considered. In this reason, if you want to run an ecommerce website then you should choose the best web hosting for ecommerce for your business.

There are various requirements for realizing projects on the Internet. The website, forum or blog must have a good design and the content must of course add value. However, there is one topic that you have to deal with right from the start of planning: hosting the website. Performance and security can only be guaranteed with a good service provider in this area. But what exactly does web hosting mean?

Forms of web hosting

Hosting sounds trivial, but it is an extensive area. It is therefore important to get to know the different forms. This is the only way to adapt an offer to your own needs.. Web hosting is about getting the necessary memory on the Internet to create your own websites. However, there are a variety of types in web hosting. The normal type of web space is found in most cases in connection with PHP and a MySQL database. The different scripts can be installed on the memory on the Internet so that blogs, content management systems and other things can be realized.

But there are other types of web hosting. After all, it is always important to be able to respond to the requirements of the modern web. The cloud plays an important role here. The web host does not provide an exact web space, but calculates exactly the things that you put on the Internet. Especially for large projects that would place high demands on a server or web space are therefore in good hands in the cloud. This is also the topic: There is not only web space, i.e. a permanent storage that you can get from your provider. You can even rent your own server on the Internet. In this area it gets really complex.

Inexpensive and low maintenance

Shared web hosting offers are the most common form. Internet presences of several providers and domains are accommodated on the same server. They share the resources, for example the processor. The advantages are obvious. Since several customers share a server, the costs are shared among them. For this, performance losses have to be accepted, because the overall performance of a server does not belong to one, but many customers. The hosting provider manages software used on the server, such as database systems. Accordingly, updates are in his hand. This form of web hosting is ideal as an inexpensive and easy-to-maintain variant, especially for small and medium-sized websites.

Your own server in the area of ​​web hosting

Most users on the net can already use a normal web space. There are fixed resources here and the provider takes care of everything that has to do with the administration of the servers in any form. However, this also has the restriction that you cannot develop on the web space so that everything can be tried out. For larger projects and particularly demanding technical solutions, the experts therefore usually use their own server. This is available in many variants and with a wide variety of operating systems. The classic variant can be found in the Linux area. A server with Linux and the corresponding installations for operating your own web server can be searched for the best solutions. However, there are also virtualized servers.

Web hosting is a complex topic and is changing just like the Internet itself. You have to check the corresponding offers and start looking for a reliable service provider. Then you have the right technical basis for working with the Internet and for creating your own projects. In order to find the right product for yourself in the end, you should simply get advice from the chosen service provider. The big players in the web hosting arena should therefore be the right companies, especially for beginners.

Administrative control

A virtual dedicated server, on the other hand, offers further options for customized administration by the service recipient. It is an independent, virtual server. This shares the resources of a physical machine with others, but is completely independent with regard to the operating system and the software used. This enables the customer to independently install the latest technologies, such as current PHP versions, without having to pay for a complete physical server. With this type of offer, in addition to hosting fees, care costs must also be taken into account.

Check the server

Dedicated hosting is the publishing of an internet presence on an independent physical server. The hosting provider offers the hardware, but the administration is entirely up to the customer. This includes the maintenance of software systems, but also the security of the system. An independent server offers the highest performance potential on the one hand, the highest personal responsibility on the other.

Outsource the administration

A managed hosting service is ideal if customers take advantage of dedicated hosting but want to transfer the maintenance of the system to a team of experts. Customers can rely on the specialist knowledge of the provider, benefit from the latest technology and free themselves from worries about security gaps.

Extra features of web hosting

Web hosting does not consist solely of providing the server. From the domain, to the amount of web space, to the e-mail offer, there are many components of an offer. These services depend on the choice of the best web hosting concept. While the provider of shared web hosting ensures that all required services are available, the service recipient of the dedicated hosting is responsible for the installation, care and maintenance of these services.

Scripts and Database

Interaction with website users is essential these days. From simple guest books to complex webshops, different technologies such as the MySQL databases and the script languages ​​PHP, Perl or similar are required. Not only the required technology is important, but also its version.

Disk space and traffic

The web space provided is the storage space that a customer has available. It is important to know in advance where your own website will develop. Small amounts of data are usually sufficient for a simple presence on the Internet with a short company presentation. Videos, pictures and other downloads, however, can quickly overflow the storage space. In contrast, the traffic is not the amount of the stored data, but the retrieved data. Traffic always arises when a user accesses a website and thus ensures data exchange. Depending on the number of visitors, it may make sense to use a hosting tariff with unlimited traffic.

Customer supports

Customer service is important for service users. If there are problems with your own website, this can be expensive. It is therefore important to work with a partner who offers customer service via email or chat at least during peak business hours. In addition, any difficulties that arise should be dealt with quickly.

Security of data encryption

Encrypted data transmission using cheap SSL certificates is particularly necessary for the transmission of confidential data. Shop operators, for example, should think about the security of their customers’ bank details. Corresponding security features should therefore be available at least by additional payment.

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