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What is the future scope of Machine Learning?

What is the future scope of Machine Learning?

Before discussing about the future scope of Machine Learning, let us discuss about the future of the world in general. Now, we all don’t have the money to get into Elon Musk’s ship to Mars. But, we know that the world is not going to end in a few years. That being said, we can hopefully look for the trends in future to get into the game of life and ace it. Ever since the introduction of computers to the world, the growth of it has been stupendous. So are the technologies related to it. Data Science is one of those sectors which sees a tremendous opportunities. Not only for aspiring Data Engineers or Data Scientists, learning about Data Science practices will help all. Machine Learning is one of such practices which is here to stay. 

Why we should use Machine Learning?

Machine Learning has, managed to find its applications in every industry. That is why there are increasing job opportunities for Machine Learning Engineers. Now, not only career enthusiasts have to learn about Machine Learning.

We all must have used any kind of virtual assistant or a voice assistant. A voice assistant like Alexa and Google Cortana will use Machine Learning for functioning. Originally, Alexa was designed with the purpose of an individual assistant for all. Anyone with basic Machine Learning knowledge could personalize their assistant. One can educate themselves by taking a Machine Learning course.

The Brilliant Future Scope of Machine Learning 

Of all the technological advancements that we face today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are supreme and there is no doubting that. Already Machine Learning practices are applied in sectors such as Education, Banking and Finance, Security systems, Medicine and so on. Let us in specific which applications of Machine Learning are going to impact future with a big wave.

Intelligent services

Do you know it is said that the services we have acquired until now come from a weak AI. It is true that many developments were expected of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. People were expecting flying cars by now. It’s 2020 now and we are only getting started with automated cars now. It is speculated that Machine Learning will undergo many developments in future leading to a generation of intelligent computers. 

Until now, we have only reached to the point of virtual assistants making calls for us, making us reminders and answering our basic questions. We expect developers to come up with Machine Learning algorithms that could make the systems do smart work. Home assistants could be developed to make decisions of their own and provide services automatically. For example, a brilliant assistant could make a call to 911 just by observing the situations at home. Now this would require Deep Learning and Self-learning skills. Software Development Kits and Application Programming Interface need to be developed for achieving this purpose. 

Quantum Computing 

As the applications of Machine Learning increase in future, there is a need to adapt to the fast paced environment too. Most practices of Machine Learning require high processing power of computers. That is why we believe Quantum Computing could be important for the future. It is the process of employing Quantum Mechanics phenomena to achieve results. It is said that the use of Quantum Computing could reduce the power consumption of machines by 1000 times. The intersection of Machine Learning and Quantum Computing gives rise to Quantum Machine Learning. While Machine Learning is capable of performing operations on large amount of data, Quantum Machine Learning will help systems to operate with more intelligence. 

Automated bots 

Some of us use Siri. Some of us have used any other automated conservation. Now, these are software applications which use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skills. With the application of same skills, devices are developed for the purpose of assisting us. But we have been expecting the arrival of robots which could perform these functions for us. There could be some speculations revolving around, stating that the introduction of more automated robots could wipe out jobs in customer service. But, the truth is with any technological advancement, the world gets accustomed to it. We can see a future where machines and man could live in union and harmony. Introduction of automated robots could lead to practical applications of their own. 

Machine Learning Career and Future Scope

Machine Learning is divided into supervised and unsupervised learning. Both practices of Machine Learning has their own applications. In future we can witness intelligent approaches towards both kinds of Machine Learning. The career opportunities for Machine Learning practices seems optimistic. It was expected that one should have some previous knowledge of mathematical applications such as Calculus, Statistics, Probability and Linear Algebra. While having a basic knowledge about calculus could help one with becoming a Data Analyst, it is not completely necessary to learn Machine Learning. A good Machine Learning course available online could teach all the necessary skills regarding Machine Learning. 

What are the job opportunities available?

Data Engineer

 A Data Engineer works with big data. They are expected to sort, clean and operate big data from unconsolidated sources. Data Engineers are supposed to have knowledge about big data technologies and analytical tools.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is expected to be an expert in Big Data and programming languages such as R, Python, Java, SAS, SPSS, and Matlab and so on. These professionals combine Big Data with Machine Learning to classify, group and process data.

Data Architect

A Data Architect performs the functions of creating, developing, deploying and managing large data with the help of Machine Learning.

Data Analyst

A Data Analyst’s main responsibility is to design and develop algorithms through which Machine Learning is applied for purposes. 

Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer develops programs and algorithms to systems and machines to perform specific functions without giving explicit instructions.

Deep Learning Engineer 

The work profile of a Deep Learning Engineer is much similar to that of a computer scientist. They use Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms to perform tasks related to Artificial Intelligence. 

Computer Vision Engineer

A  Computer Vision Engineer develops vision algorithms. 

The above mentioned are the possible job opportunities available for someone with a Machine Learning Certification. 

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