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What is leaf blower and vacuum and things to consider before buying

What is leaf blower and vacuum and things to consider before buying

Leaf blower: it is a garden tool which has a small motor at the one end which forces a concentrated jet of air by a nozzle. You could use it instead of a broom or a rake to tidy up the fallen leaves by blowing them into a pile. Petrol engines mostly drive larger leaf blowers, and small ones are run by electricity. 

Why use a leaf blower

The primary function of any leaf blower is for blowing leaves, but they would also shift grass cuttings, small pieces or some thin twigs of garden detritus. Many people use them to blast dirt and dust out the garage, shed, car boot, greenhouse as well.

The leaf blower is particularly useful in removing the debris from loosening surfaces that would be distributed by a rake. This also includes the gravel driveways and paths, and areas which are covered in mulch or bank. Some professionals generally do not use so-called backpack leaf blowers- heavy-duty petrol controlled machines worn on the back, but this guide would be majorly focusing on smaller, hand-held machines which intended for domestic uses.

Blower vacuum: it could be used for both purposes to blow leaves and to such them as well into an attached bag. Most of them may also shred the debris and also to reduce it to mulch, that you could put on to the flowerbeds and compost heap. They are also known by different names which include leaf vacuum, garden vac or blower, vacuum shredder, and mulching vacuum or blowing. These are run using petrol and electric machines.

Why use blower vacuum

For sucking a more significant amount of leaves would take a longer time, so different people prefer to have the vacuum mode of a leaf blower mostly in less and smaller accessible places which you may not reach easily with a rake. Such jobs may include removing leaves from patio furniture or pots, rocks, shrubs, and pathways.

Feature to remember before going for shopping

There are criteria to buy blower from the market, and you may check for blowers online feature but do not forget to ask them regarding the following features:

  1. Collection bag design: get a blower with any sturdy collection bag which is easier to attach to the blower, and is also very accessible if you need to empty it.
  2. Vacuum and air volume: the higher the volume of air, the more debris the blower could shift. Vacuum volume also describes the amount of material which the machine could suck up.
  3. Tube diameter: any blower vacuum with a larger diameter tube and more full nozzles would be less likely to clog up with leaves.
  4. Handle and trigger comfort: comfortable handles with the cushion grips would make the job much more pleasant.
  5. Fan design: the area housing the impeller or the fan, should be easily reached for clearing any blockage. Metal fans tend to last for a more extended period than plastic ones, although they are more likely to rust.
  6. Switching mode: better to check how difficult and easy it is to convert the machine from vacuum mode to blower and vice versa. Some models need to swap the nozzle and the collecting bag when converting from blower to vacuum.

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