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What is Guest Blogging?

What is Guest Blogging?

Simply put, Guest blogging involves writing an article for another blog as a guest author for the purpose of building relationships, quality backlinks and traffic.

If you have not been guest posting as a blogger, you are missing out.The major challenge of a lot of bloggers is getting massive traffic to their blogs.

Guest blogging is a white-hat traffic generation method that leads to “laser-targeted traffic”. The following are the benefits of a good guest post:

7 Benefits of Guest Blogging

Laser-targeted Traffic:

Immediately you start guest posting and your article goes live on the publisher blog, you will begin to see an upsurge in your traffic stat. Since your link will be in your bio section on the publisher blog, the readers will be able to easily find your blog. The benefit of this traffic is that it is niche specific and of a high quality, not just general traffic. However, to enjoy a high amount of traffic from guest blogging, you need to post on authority blogs in your niche with high volume traffic. Another factor is the quality of your guest post.

Quality Backlinks: 

Guest blogging is a cheap and highly effective method of getting authority backlinks to your blog. Since the blog you will be posting on is an authority site with a high page rank, you are sure of getting quality backlinks in return. This will in also increase your search engine ranking. Imagine the effect  a backlink from a DA 30 site will have on your blog? Infact your keywords in the guest post will also have a high ranking driving traffic from the search engines.

You are seen as an authority: 

When your blog readers read your blog posts on the top blogs in your niche, you will be seen as been knowledgeable and an authority in that niche. That means more recognition for you and a better brand awareness. Copy blogger for example has an estimated 30k views per week. Having your guest post on that blog should guarantee some thousand views. 

Building Your Brand: 

Guest blogging helps to build your brand. This also helps in giving you credibility. If your blog has products for sale, your readers already trust your brand having read your guest post on the top blogs in your niche. This will greatly help your marketing effort and helps you make more profit.

Increased Subscriber: 

The easiest way to increase your blog subscriber is through guest blogging. Since you are considered an authority in your niche, your blog readers will love to get more tips and information from you and wouldn’t mind subscribing to your site. 

Social Networking and Relationship Building: 

Another benefit of guest blogging is social networking and building relationship with other bloggers. Guest blogging helps you to build relationship with other bloggers and their readers. This will also increase your audience  as a lot of your blog readers follows you on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More followers also means more potential clients. You likewise get to have relationship with top bloggers in your niche. This brings you to a whole new level of possibilities.

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