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What is a Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

What is a Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

A fibre laser marking machine is a tool used in various industries to mark metal parts and other types of plastics. The device relies on a laser beam whose medium is the optical fibre. For it to work, you must dope it with a unique earth element such as dysprosium, neodymium, ytterbium, or erbium. Fibre lasers are a variety of traditional lasers that were in a solid-state, but they use optical fibres such as rods, disks, or slabs.

How to Apply the Fiber Laser Marking Machines?

1. Colour marking

It is the marking done on materials using different colour shades. Besides, you can do it by varying various aspects such as speed, frequency, pulse width, and power. Thus, to get the best results, colour marking should be done on stainless steel or aluminium, especially if there is a mope fibre marker.

Colour removal is also another form of colour marking. In this case, you can mark coated materials by removing the outward colour, thus ensuring the base material is visible.

2. Carbonizing

This method involves destroying the carbon bonds in organic materials and plastics. The aim is to form areas with dark shades without interfering with the material’s surface.

3. Annealing

This process entails hardening material surfaces using lasers. In this regard, it is possible to do colour annealing beneath the part that is being processed. Using this method, one can create sheets of various colours such as green, red, and yellow.

4. Night and Day Marking

This method allows materials to be legible during the day but illuminated at night. In most cases, manufacturers use it in applications such as watches, dashboards, and door signs.

Why Use Fiber Lasers Instead Of Using Standard Solid Lasers?

  • Fibre laser offers more stability since it generates the laser beams within the fibre. Therefore, when you are marking, you don’t have to align the shaft to the focusing element.
  • Fibre laser marking machines can get to the highest amplification levels, and this makes them effective, robust, and cost-effective.
  • The fibre laser technology offers an ultrafast pulse duration and high peak since it generates the beam from its fibre. It means that it is capable of providing a small but high-quality dot for precision engraving.
  • Fibre laser marking is a non-contact application. It means that it does not lead to abrasion of the work in areas that are not intended to be marked.
  • Fibre laser machines provide excellent control in terms of length, beam intensity and heat output even for an operator who is doing it for the first time. At the same time, it produces a marking that is easily reproducible, quick, legible, and accurate.

Factors You Should Consider When Selecting a Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. Beam Quality

It is one of the most crucial parameters you should consider as it determines the processing capability of a laser.  Lasers with high beam quality have the following advantages.

  • They remove materials faster with improved quality and high resolution.
  • Moreover, they are highly effective scribing and also cutting materials such as aluminium, silicon, and stainless steel.
  • They can produce optical spots that are focused and small up to 20 microns or lower.

2. Mark Resolution

Different laser marking machines have different resolutions. It would be best if you always chose the device that can produce the highest quality and sufficient mark size. Most fibre laser marking machines have about 1064 nm lasers and can provide resolutions of up to 18 microns.

3. Software

Like all technological machines, you should choose a fibre laser that has a user-friendly software, simple user interface, and well-developed features.  Most fibre laser marking machines have a software that allows them to import images, but you should ensure that it is capable of handling both raster files (such as BMP, jpg, or png) and vector files (Such as ai, eps, or DXF).

It is also somehow essential that you choose the fiber laser machine with a software that can create texts, change serial numbers automatically, and organize data codes, among others. The software should also be capable of editing vector files directly without having to rely on a different image editor.

4. Price

It would help if you aimed at getting the best available fibre laser marking machine at your available budget. Before deciding to buy the device, it is essential to determine what price you are willing to pay for it and the available options at that price. For example, if you want to do marking on plastics, MOPA fibre marking machine is preferred, but it is more expensive than the standard fibre lasers.


Fibre laser machines are efficient when compared to the standard solid-state lasers. They are ideal for various functions such as carbonizing, annealing, and colour marking. Before selecting the fibre laser machine to buy, always consider factors such as beam quality, mark resolution, software, and price. In addition, more information about Fiber Laser Marking Machine can be found on

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