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What does Web Development mean?

What does Web Development mean?

Web development is also called website development. Web development Pakistan consists of coding or programming that allows the functionality of the website, according to the requirements of the owner. It deals mainly with the non-design side of websites, which includes coding and writing. Web development ranges from simple text pages to complex web applications to social networking applications and e-commerce applications.

Web development Pakistan is also running good. And as the days are passing many talented web developers are producing by top IT institutions to serve country with web development skills.

The hierarchy of Web development is as follows:

Client-side coding

Server-side encoding

Database technology

Web designer and a web developer, how can you differentiate?

In our time, they are closely related to certain professions, such as web designer and web developer, and many of them are confused. There are many differences between the exposures of these occupations and the following:

Designers are responsible for the visual component of the site. Developers create something functional with numbers, words, and symbols. Designers need programmers to make their work legitimate, and programmers need designers to make the site appealing.

Designers see thousands of ways to create something that might not even work. Developers see only one the right way.

If the developer is invited to design the house, it will be a standard, reliable and square building, possibly using a window or two windows. Graphic designers will design a glass structure based on a gold pencil.

Designers constantly reformulate everything (not only at the request of the customer but also on their own initiative) because they are always dissatisfied with the result. Programmers take advantage of their time to enjoy life. Although they spend time playing video games or sitting in chat rooms for encryption devices. Of course, designers and developers see the process of creating websites differently, they have different habits, hobbies, and preferences, but they are all part of the unified image.

Web page design takes into account aesthetics and ease of use. The task of the designer is to take a set of colors that must be used and how to maintain the balance of the entire graph. They also want to identify some of the important content and should be presented to the user in a certain way and indicate how to distribute the rest of the content.


In short, Web development Pakistan is the future for sure. The Web developer focuses on the functional aspects of the site. For example, if there are examples on your website, it is very likely that the code that handles all the data is written by a back-end developer. Developers rely on the designer to add more features to programming. There is no creativity or beauty for the website in question. It is the designers who make the first steps towards building a website. Typically, they create formatting in Photoshop in the initial stages, then plunge into the front-end development section using HTML, CSS, and others.

In the end, you can be a designer, a developer and continue to create good websites. There are no strict rules for that.

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