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What to Consider Before Choosing a Backpack?

What to Consider Before Choosing a Backpack?

Choosing a product of this type is not easy, in addition to being guided by the purely aesthetic aspect, it is important to assess the needs well, and therefore the use you want to make of it, the quality of the materials, and finally the price. But let’s see what we are talking about in more detail.

Personal style (aesthetic)

The aesthetic aspect is undoubtedly the first feature to pay attention to when buying backpacks. The graphics and colors should say something about the personality of those who buy should be flashy and be in the latest fashion.

If it is true that we cannot advise on personal taste, we cannot fail to make suggestions on the design, which must be durable over time, resistant to washing and weathering.

What use do you want to give it?

When you are about to choose backpacks for your trip, the first thing that attracts attention is the number of models that the market offers. Each model is designed for a specific use, and each has specific characteristics.

•    If, for example, it is to be used as small hand luggage that is to be taken by plane for a short trip, it must first be large and have small compartments to store personal and travel documents.

•    If you want to use it to transport your laptop or tablet, you must have a pocket of the necessary size and be covered with a soft scratch-resistant fabric.

•    If still, the use is intended for a trip to the mountain, or it is intended for hiking, the backpacks must be very large , so the size will be important, it must be equipped with many small external pockets where to store everything you need to have on hand and above all it must be light, so that it can be carried without too much effort for several hours.

As you can see, there can be many uses, and knowing for what purpose you want to use it is essential not to make mistakes.


Another important factor to consider is the nature of the materials.

The backpacks, have to last a long time, and only high-quality materials can guarantee their long service life.

Therefore, the fabrics must be resistant, the seams must be well made, and there should be no risk of tearing or seams that are poorly secured.

The padding, where appropriate, must be sufficiently comfortable, non-deformable, and placed in the right places.

The shoulder straps must be perfectly fixed to the structure of the product and must be able to withstand heavy loads without the risk of detachment.

Also, all the external materials of the backpacks must be waterproof, so that, during the rain or when it is inadvertently wet, everything they contain is safe; alternatively, a cover cloth should be provided to be removed when necessary.

The zippers and all the closing systems must be of first quality; there is nothing worse than finding us with the zipper in hand when we close it in a hurry.

The Price

The price variable, as always, is a factor that greatly influences the purchase of each product in general and backpacks in particular.

Here we can also apply the “cheap; it is expensive” rule.

Acquire cheap backpacks, of which we are attracted to the graphics, but whose materials are quite poor, it will certainly not be a good purchase, on the other hand, paying an exaggerated price for the product offered to us, we will certainly not conclude a good deal.

The advice we can give is to consider the quality of the model first and, if the price seems to be too high, contact another distributor or look for the same product online, where the price will be lower.

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