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Factors That Affects a Website’s SERP Google Ranking

Factors That Affects a Website’s SERP Google Ranking

Search engine optimization or SEO is a popular marketing strategy that permits many businesses, small and large alike, to become visible to their target audience. This is often done by using SEO strategies and methods to improve the website’s ranking. Google is the dominant player in the search engine industry marketing and most SEO strategies are done to meet the requirements of its algorithm. Google ranking is one the most important targets by marketing strategists. SEO marketers aim to rank on its first page and possibly on the top three results of the page.

Google has evolved and made many updates over the past years. It has developed its algorithm using certain signals and indicators from websites to ascertain which of them should rank higher. Businesses wouldn’t want to get on Google’s third page since nobody will dig that deep. If the searcher’s queries have already been answered by the primary page, there’s no point in getting to other results pages.

Factors Affecting Google Ranking

Domain Trust

A trusted domain refers to the domain that a local system trusts in authenticating the users. This suggests that if an application or user is authenticated by a trusted domain, other domains that trust the authenticating domain will accept it too.

The main domain features a two-way trust relationship to the subordinate domain. The best way to explain this scenario is when an area domain trusts domain A, the system also will trust all the opposite domains that are trusted by domain A.

Website Factors

Website factors are one of the three main indicators that Google uses in determining if the website is worthy to require a highlight in its ranking. There are site factors that will affect a site’s visibility.

Website User-Experience

If a user types a question and gets presented with an internet site that holds the answers to her query, she would click it. However, the matter may arise once she clicks the site but the page loads very slowly. The increasing short span of searchers would mean that she will leave the website and transfer to a different one with a faster loading page. Google wants its users to have good user experience which is why an internet site with many loading issues must be fixed.

Mobile Optimized Site

A huge portion of users who searched online exclusively used mobile to research their queries. A mobile-optimized website isn’t a pressing issue right now but the influx of mobile-only search users would change that perspective. It might not be a surprise if mobile search could have a serious effect on the algorithm.

On-Page Factors

Keywords on Title Tags, Meta Tags, URL and Headers

The title tag refers to the “title” that is found in a search engine results page (SERP). The meta tags are the outline that’s seen right below the title tags on the SERP. Headers are used to break down the content within a page. The article becomes “reader-friendly” if the article has sub-topics. Each subtopic features a header. At least one or two of the headers should contain the target keyword. The URL should also contain the keyword to further assist Google in seeing the online page’s relevancy to a query.

Content and Image Optimization

Content must be optimized with the target keywords so that it’ll have a high chance of getting a high ranking. Apart from content, images must even be optimized. Images have the power to send Google certain relevancy signals which is useful for the website’s chances on program rankings.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the act of linking a page to a different website within an equivalent domain. This contributes to user-experience. Internal linking helps with better navigation of an internet site.


Back linking is among the foremost important determiners in helping an internet site rank high. In the past, Yahoo was the leading company when it comes to search engines. Unfortunately, unreliable marketers tried to cheat the system. They placed keywords to an internet page albeit it’s not relevant to the content. This led to a nasty user-experience. Google made an initiative to use back linking to work out the website’s worthiness and get a high Google ranking.

Here’s a scenario for how back-linking aids in search engine ranking:

An authority website called links to website, Google will determine that trusts If two or more websites namely and link to, it becomes an indicator that is trusted by certain domains. However, not all links are equal. Google features a higher reference to backlinks coming from high authority websites. 

If receives 1000 backlinks, that doesn’t mean it might rank above If receives 400 backlinks with 40 of these links coming from websites like the Huffington Post and Forbes, features a higher chance of getting a high ranking compared to

Google’s algorithm continues to update as time goes on which suggests SEO marketers and businesses must be ready to adapt quickly. It is often an extended and difficult task which may take months before results are often seen but it’s all worthwhile. SEO remains one of the leading effective marketing strategies which will be useful to all or any sorts of businesses.

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