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Why Isn’t My Website Ranking?

Why Isn’t My Website Ranking?

You can develop a fine looking and quick responsive website with the help of any SEO company in Chandigarh but entire hard work goes into the down when people are unable to find your website on Google. This affects your leads enquiries and sales. And all the time we are asking this question to every platform that why my website is not getting ranked on Google.  

People who are suffering with this issue are getting too much questions in mind.  

  • Why my customers are not visiting my website?
  • What should I do to see my website on the first page of Google

Google is world’s number one search engine which is the place of most visited websites and it has the capability to gather the majority of people at one place which we call traffic in the technical language. If you want to grow in e-commerce or online marketing, then you need to know how to play with Google to be on its first page or in top results of search.

If you are the business owner or the entrepreneur of a start-up then you know very well that what’s wrong with your website. Entire issues can be resolved by fixing it. There are various reasons that you are unable to present your website on the first page of Google. But there is no need to worry and let’s face this problem to fix it.

  •  Competition in the business is the very superior reason for this. It depends on your products or services you are selling and what kind of competition they have in the field. Probably you are not using those keywords your competitors are using and apart from that you don’t have the perfect SEO Companywhich can bring you on the first page of Google. You can check the entire list of the products or services being sold by your competitors with easy steps on Google.
  •   The brand new websites are performing with various updated features but this is not compulsory that Google has indexed your website. Sometimes brand new websites are not listed by Google that’s why this could be happened. You can check it by writing your site’s name with domain but without www. and /. If you are able to see your website in the search results then not to worry, you are on the right track. On the other hand, if you are not finding any clue of your website in the search results then you need to perform more and put some more efforts.
  • Making your website attractive, responsive and heavy can showcase your website nicely; it also makes your brand more credible and trustworthy. But there is no doubt if your website is not mobile friendly and only performs well on the desktop then sorry to say you will not get those results you always desired for. Here responsive means your website should be compatible according to the devices such as mobile, tablet or iPad etc. If it is not then ideally you will not get it in the search engine when someone searches for the keyword from mobile phone. This is the common thing that all of us are now having our palms filled with such devices instead of desktop. There are various mobile friendly testing tools and urls from where you can find if your website is mobile friendly or responsive.
  • Stuffing poor content and keywords also is the reason that your website is far away from the search results. Because this sort of content cannot be optimized and Google is unable to find it. Get the best content and effective keywords because Google will help you out by itself after that. All you need to do, just work some more for your own business.
  • This is a common belief and the fact as well that the high quality content provides best results. There should be a great amount of good content which can grab the attention of readers or your customers etc.  Informative and attractive content is in the trend nowadays; people will spend more time and would like to visit again and again on your website if you have good content.
  • If you are lacking with social media activities then it can also be the reason your website is not being ranked on Google searches. Less social media activity can be the reason that you are a bit behind from your competitors. You need to cover the topics pertains to your product or services on social media. Always try to showcase your business activities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc. to make your website more popular and your products as well so that you can get more results.

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