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Why Choosing the Right Website Design Platform is a Good Move to Grow Your Business?

Why Choosing the Right Website Design Platform is a Good Move to Grow Your Business?

In the current era, if you want your business to grow, it is necessary to have a website with a cohesive online presence, capable of fulfilling your certain business objectives. It would not only help your business show up in Google search results but also boost up sales of your products and services. So, a conversion-driven, information-rich website is the best solution for attaining all such goals of your business.

No matter what products or services, you are serving for a specific industry. It would be great if you offer such solutions through a dynamic, modern website. Because it will result in an increased engagement to your website and positively impact your business. Now it all depends on how you want to offer websites to your customers and what are the requirements of your customers?  

Many companies in the SaaS space prefer to offer facilities of do-it-yourself website-building flow (web design platform), while others emphasize on building websites for clients on their own or outsource this work for an agency. If you are looking for a WordPress Development company or want to hire WordPress developer in India. There are several companies available in the country who offer web development services for your consideration. 

On the other hand, if you want to provide a web design platform to your customers there are a few options, you can consider

Options#1- Build your own solution:

Many companies, especially SaaS companies in the first go, find this option more suitable. Since they are a technology company and developing software is their forte. However, building a web design platform for clients is not that easy. They require a dedicated team of talented engineers and product visionaries who can serve a website builder based on their clients’ needs today and in the coming future.

Web development is an ever-evolving industry and it becomes tedious for the companies maintaining a successful website builder as per the industry standards. It requires a lot of time and hard work. Also, you will find your website builder standing against the dedicated website builders in competition, which are already serving several SMEs like Wix and Squarespace.

In my perspective, building your own solution is not the right approach. You will end up frustrating as it requires a lot of resources and time to sustain in the market with industry standards. Otherwise, you can go with the other two options.

Option#2- Purchase a Product

Purchasing a website builder is a way far better option as compared to building your own solution. However, it is an expensive approach but you won’t need to involve your development team and resources to build an all-new product from scratch. Still, maintenance and updating the platform will remain an issue that arises with the development of its own solution. This, in turn, will also take the time and resources that you can spend on other service offerings.

Option#3- Partner with a Web Design Platform

As compared to the above mentioned two options, partnering with a web design platform is a cost-effective and scalable option to integrate a website builder with your products and service offerings. Since it provides a dedicated team of professionals who are familiar with the industry and can easily maintain and update websites on your behalf following industry standards.

Less expensive as compared to options#1 and #2, the partnership approach lets you focus on your core business. So how would you select a perfect partner as per your business? Here are a few features you can consider to partner with a web design platform.

White labeling:

White labeling can be understood as a process where you opt for an existing tool or technology and branding it as your own, so it can’t be differentiated with your existing offerings. If you maintain the branding of the tool and promote it with your own identity, it will help you deliver a seamless experience to your customers. Already a popular name in the field of web builder tools, Duda supports white labeling under your brand. To do so, a variety of white label tools and features are available with Duda to customize it as per your business. This includes

  • Your client’s login page
  • The website editor
  • Editor features Customization
  • Website preview tools
  • Your client’s dashboard
  • Automated email communications


If you are looking to integrate a website builder software or any other software to your website. It is necessary that your website infrastructure possesses a robust and flexible API. This fact forces website builders to create a scalable solution so that they can easily serve all of their partners effectively. Also, they have to alter the platform timely to meet the specific requirements of businesses. To understand it, we can consider examples of how Duda integrates with an existing CRM client.

Custom widget creation: Custom widget creation is an important feature for every business whether they are SaaS companies or others. Because it allows companies to customize their features based on the unique requirements of their clients. And, every industry has different needs. For example- if consider a hair salon, a booking widget would be really important for it. But if we talk about a local retailer website, an online shopping widget will play a vital role here.

Usability: While selecting for a website building partner, the usability of a web design platform plays a vital role not only for your development team but also for the customers. Every website building vendor offers a variety of features which are must to supply good usability. It can easily be understood with the example of Duda’s interface. Duda provides users with the rights of assigning roles and permissions so that users can easily make changes to the website without even hampering anything and troubling the development teams with any issue.

Website security: if talked about WordPress, it is the website builder that is known for being most hacked on the internet. So, website security is one of the important features to consider while partnering with a web design platform. It should ensure security because contrary can result in a consumption of resource and time in a large amount. If we talk about Duda, it believes in offering closed web design platforms which are highly secure with above 99.9% uptime, free automated HTTPS encryption and DDoS protection.


Whatever business you have? Either you are selling products or offering business-centric services. To grow your business, it is necessary to have a website which ranks in Google search results. So to build a user-friendly and responsive website, you can either consult a WordPress development company or hire a WordPress developer in India. Additionally, opting for a web design platform or website builder is also a good option. Since it avails you with ease of maintenance and update as per the industry standards. But choosing the right website design platform is a task that you can easily perform the following options and features mentioned in the post. I hope this post will help you find a perfect website builder partner for your website.

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