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Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Being productive at work is key to a successful career. The problem is, there are too many distractions around us so focusing on work can sometimes be difficult. Office gossip, social media apps on our phones, personal problems are all making us work less and procrastinate more. But there are some tips that can make you increase productivity and be a better employee.

Here are some ways to achieve maximum efficiency without overworking yourself:

1. Be organized

Being organized is essential to being productive. Setting your priorities straight can help you do more and stay on track without losing focus. There are a lot of project management tools and online daily planners which can be really helpful, especially if you’re prone to get distracted. Some of them are even free, so if you don’t use any, this is the perfect opportunity to start. Set up your daily, weekly and monthly goals and make sure that you reach them.

Increase productivity

Getting stuff done will help you be more proactive and conscientious. First, write down all the things that need to be done. Then, add them to the app or tool of your choice. Set the deadlines and make sure that you’ve set up a reminder so you’ll know when each task is due. When you finish a task, mark it as completed so you’ll be able to focus on the next one. Marking tasks as done will give you a sense of accomplishment and increase your productivity.

2. Give your office a nice makeover

Having a nice-looking office can help you feel at ease while working. If you’re not allowed to make drastic changes, at least add a personal touch to your working space. Bring photos of your loved ones and put them on your desk. If it’s allowed, hang some motivational posters and framed pictures. If you prefer to take off your shoes while sitting behind the desk, get yourself a small fluffy rug and put it underneath.

That way your feet will be resting on something soft and warm. Also, bring some plants and put them wherever it feels best. Some small succulents on the window sill can give your office a whole different look. You spend more than a third of our day in the office, so making it look pretty can significantly help you work.

3. Spend time with the right people

There are people who are fun to be around, but sometimes these people are not going to help you do your best at work. You know, the people who have the funniest stories and the hottest gossip about everyone. Even though they might make a great lunch companion, make sure you limit the time spent with them because they’re not so focused on work if they have so much time to talk about others.

Being friendly is fine, as long as you don’t neglect your work duties. If you’re new at work, try socializing with people who can help you grow. Use every opportunity to learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how stupid they seem. Even though gossiping seems fun, remember that it won’t help you finish your workload.

4. Stay away from social media

Nowadays, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram is something we do every time we get slightly bored, which is quite often. But, keep in mind that your main goal is doing your job, and unless your job specifically involves social media, you should definitely stay away from it. If you still feel tempted, use lunch and bathroom breaks for a quick Instagram scroll, but nothing more than that.

After you’re done with your workday, you’ll have free time to spend on the apps you enjoy. Also, there are some tricks to limit your social media use. If possible, turn off the Internet on your phone and switch it back only after you’re finished with work.

So, these tips can definitely help you be more productive at work, if you decide to. But, it’s also important to love your work because if not, nothing can make you enjoy it. In this case, self-discipline is the key, but remember that life’s too short to spend on a job that doesn’t bring you joy!

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