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Ways To Hack Instagram More Instagram Stories More Effectively For Assured Success

Ways To Hack Instagram More Instagram Stories More Effectively For Assured Success

Instagram marketing success depends largely on how effectively you use the Instagram algorithm which undergoes constant changes. Over the years this Instagram algorithm has undergone a lot of changes and is changing continually. Recently, Instagram has rewrote the rules of the platform which has in fact, sparked outrage from the critics as well as the influencers. They feel that the changes made in the Instagram algorithm is creatively debilitating. 

However, in spite of the outcries, Instagram has never and is still not showing any signs of making any changes in their stance.

  • It is also not showing the audiences what the platform thinks that they want to see. Instead it shows them the things that has been posted most recently in the network.
  • It in fact, has forced the content creators to work harder to create contents that will ensure more engagement.

As for the users, they now have more platform touchpoints that will help them to reach out to more viewers. This can be done in different forms using some of the most useful features of the platform such as Instagram Live and Instagram Stories. 

The best platform for business marketing

According to research it is found that as of now there are more than a billion users engaging with Instagram every month with a staggering 500 million users logged into it daily. This ideally makes the platform the best one to launch a new product or promote the existing ones.

This photo and video sharing app actually give the marketers like Blastup and other business owners a better opportunity to connect with larger, more robust and a fast-growingaudience.

Over the past couple of years this platform has become more sophisticated and more popular than other social media channels. In order to keep up with these changes the users also have changed over time. 

  • Now they are more specific with their demands.
  • They want more tech contents.
  • The look for better features in the posts that will tell them more about the product as well as the brands.

Gone are those days when marketers, brands and influencers alike could gain their desired results from marketing by simply throwing up content on their Instagram feeds and hope that something will come up. Now it is required by the brands and marketers to:

  • Spanvarious verticals
  • Tap into the latest features of Instagram and more.

This will help them to grow their audiences, building deeper connections and of course, increase their business revenues. 

Follow new and classic strategies

In fact, if you truly want to leverage Instagram and social media marketing, you will look into the potential of the platform and make the best use of it to ensure a wider reach and engagement with their users.

The content creators too must follow much better and more productive approaches so that they ensure a better Instagram success, which ideally has no magic formula. That means you will have to look for those new and classic strategies and follow as well. 

These are in fact the strategies that any brand to day should look forward to implement to up their Instagram game and its results. This will make you smarter with your Instagram marketing moves and will enable you to gain the attention that you rightfully deserve.

Use of Instagram Stories

You must use Instagram stories more extensively now that you are no longer new to this platform. In this day and age when competition among brands is fierce, it is not enough to get a single comment on your post and think it to be the time to celebrate. Now you have to realize that in order to gain more, you will have to look for more.

This is where you will find Instagram Stories to be more effective. 

  • When you use this feature, you will be able to share every single moment of your day with your users.
  • You will be able to design a much better and more attractive slideshow format using both photos and videos.

This will boost up your Instagram marketing and you will not have to worry much about over-posting as well. Why? This is because the Instagram Stories will only be live on your feed for 24 hours. However, you will need to be sure from your part that:

  • You post only that type of content that your users are interested to see and 
  • That you do not oversaturate or overwhelm them with too make similar photos posted on your Insta feed.

You can use Instagram Stories to tell you’re your users about your brand and product by using a wide variety of ways such as:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Geo filters
  • Boomerangs
  • Stickers and
  • Emojis.

According to the experts, Insta Stories are very useful and a great way to provide your users with some real and authenticbehind the scenes looks about your business. These behind the scene shots are those that the users do not actually see or know of. Therefore, when you post these it will obviously result in much greater engagement.

Go in behind the scenes, so to speak, will also help you to showcase the people as to who all work in the company relentlessly day in and day out. This will be of great value both to you as well as your employees, not to forget your users.

Summing it up

Insta-stories is the latest feature included in the app that will help the business owners and marketers in a great way. It is so designed that you can you can even can tag other people and businesses much easilyas long as they have an Instagram account.

In addition to that, all those business accounts that have more than 10,000 followers can easily link directly to products or services now with the easy “swipe up to learn more” action of it.

Lastly, courtesy Shopify, Instagram now has also developed a useful way to sell products directly without the users having to leave the app to purchase the product.

Therefore, use this feature for your marketing strategies in 2019 to sell more to your target audience. 

Author Bio:

Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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