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Visual Commerce: The Meaning & Its Importance

Visual Commerce: The Meaning & Its Importance


 With the growing influence of visual-heavy social media platforms and their immense consumption by billions of users worldwide, it is evident that visuals are an essential element in present-age.

Especially in the eCommerce industry, visuals are a necessity as unlike offline retail consumers don’t have the sense of touch for making an informed purchase.

So, it becomes essential that your visuals are there to support the sales of products in eCommerce. This has given rise to the term called Visual Commerce.

Visual Commerce: What is it?

 Visual commerce is the use of visuals like images, videos, etc. for the purpose of generating maximum conversions, increased engagement, and drive sales with an engaging and captivating display of products.

For eCommerce, it is essential that their products look captivating enough to attract the audience and creates an intention to buy. Visuals can help the eCommerce achieve this with enticing product photos, Video descriptions, Visual product reviews, user-generated product visuals, infographics, etc.

As visuals provide an understanding to the consumers about the product aesthetics and visuals helps in creating an image among the minds of consumers that leads to engagement & conversions.

We have accumulated some reasons as to why visual commerce is important in this digital age.

Importance of Visual Commerce

1. Showcase User-Generated Content

Social media is a hub of engaging visual user-generated content and the hub is expanding with every moment. As an eCommerce, nothing is more powerful than having positive UGC about the brand and products.

You can aggregate visual user-generated content from different social media platforms and display it on your website as a UGC feed.

Having UGC on your eCommerce will help in building social proof for the business. Besides, UGC is the most influential form of content that shapes the online shopping decisions of consumers.

Also, visual UGC can provide a better understanding of the products would look in real life, their durability & reliability, product aesthetics, size & color, and more.

Using a visual commerce platform, you can embed these UGC visuals to your website & product page easily & quickly.

2. Enhance Engagement Possibilities

The fact that visuals are processed 60000 times faster with video product reviews getting over 4 times more engagement than the text reviews. This shows the users engage with visuals way more than the text content.

Having video product reviews, 360-degree product photos, detailed product visuals, infographic details, and more enticing visuals could bring in user engagement with greater effectivity.

Engagement can drive conversations and help to build an initial connection with the eCommerce which will lead to positive outcomes such as conversions & sales.

As engagement ins directly and positively related to conversions and sales so maximum engagement means maximum conversions.

3. Website Vibrancy

 A visually pleasing website will help in attracting the consumers and visuals can help in creating an attractive and creative website. The website will become more vivid and vibrant.

You cannot replicate the offline shopping environment like the brick-and-mortar stores where consumers can touch, feel the ambiance, enticing shop gallery, engaging product displays that created a supreme shopping experience.

But having visuals will give a sense of visual delight to the consumers and they will have more information to explore and access as visuals are more expressive and can convey intended emotions effectively.

Putting visuals at the forefront of your eCommerce will create a long-lasting first impression and this is essential for online shopping as it creates a base.

4. Shoppable Feed

Not just for attraction and engagement but you can also drive sales and conversions with visuals. The key essence of visual commerce is to drive sales with effective utilization visuals.

The idea is to bring the point of inspiration close to the point of sale by making the visual content shoppable.

You have heard the term Shoppable Instagram posts, similarly, there are visual commerce platforms that helps you make the visual content from social media into shoppable posts.

Having a shoppable feed on your eCommerce will allow you to sell the products directly in real-time. The best thing is that you can bring in user-generated content and make it shoppable.

What can be better than the Shoppable visual UGC from social media as it can genuinely increase the possibilities of engagement and conversions?

5. Dwell Time Increment

The amount of time that a user spends on your website is a key metric that defines the success and effectivity of your eCommerce platform. The more time a user spends the more chances of user engagement and conversions arise.

With attractive and engaging visuals on the website, you can keep the users engaged to the website for a longer period. Visuals could be in the form of product videos and images, 360-degree videos, visual user reviews, promotional visuals, and more.

This will help in reducing the bounce rate and cart abandonment rate with are two chief issues that most of the eCommerce platforms face in present-age.


With the rising consumption of visuals by the users, it is evident that the future marketing campaigns will be relying on the visuals only. Even the shopping will be integrated into the visuals, merging marketing and sales.

As the lines between online browsing and shopping are blurring with every passing day with visuals fulfilling the needs of social proof, engagement, creativity, conversions & sales, and an excellent consumer shopping experience.

Visual commerce platforms are the key players here that can help you take advantage of the social media visuals especially user-generated content for visual marketing and selling.

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