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Various Outlook Problems and Their Solutions

Various Outlook Problems and Their Solutions

Are you facing problems with your Outlook? Finding it difficult to get a solution. Then just follow along with our post and look at the solutions for those problems.

Outlook has been the standard email program in the corporate world and to overall users to some extent. Whenever people are using the windows from their work then they opt for the Outlook as it is considered as the default for the windows and it offers great security as well.

But not everything can be smooth and hunky dory with every program. And Outlook has some problems which are troubling consumers. When that happens people look for appropriate solutions but they aren’t getting any good reliable source for this kind of information. Well, don’t worry we have prepared this guide for the people like you on the various Outlook problems and their solutions.

We cannot list all the problems here due to a few constraints, but we’ll try to cover as many as possible. If your problem is not listed then I suggest you call Outlook Customer Support Number.

Here are some of the main Outlook problems.

Outlook Startup problems

This is one of the most common problems a user faces where Outlook takes a lot of time to start or it even doesn’t start at all. 

Error Messages

Sometimes when Outlook encounters an error it gives an error message like Cannot Open Outlook, The file xxx.pst cannot be accessed, Microsoft Outlook has encountered an error and you may need to close it, etc. These are some of the errors that occur in Outlook and most of these errors occur due to the corruption in the PST file.

Sending and receiving emails

In many cases the Outlook may not be able to send or receive any emails. This could be caused by the internet connection or improper configuration of the mailbox.

Outlook just Freezes

Sometimes Outlook becomes unresponsive and even after attempting everything it doesn’t respond.

Here are a few things you could try yourself and you not need to contact Outlook phone number.

Compatibility issues 

Most of the times these problems occur because of the compatibility issue with OS. Fixing this is pretty easy, you just need to right-click on the Outlook.exe file and open properties then go to compatibility tab and click on ‘run this program in compatibility mode’.

Safe mode

You can try running the Outlook in safe, it blocks all unwanted scripts in safe mode.

  • Open Run
  • Now, type command ‘Outlook.exe /safe’

Disable add-ins

You can disable add-ins in the Outlook and then open it in the safe mode.

You need to go to tools and then Options, and Other and then Advanced Email Settings to Add-in Manager. From there you’ll be able to disable all corrupted add-ins.

Use inbox repair tool

The Inbox Repair Tool is a built-in utility in the Outlook which comes in handy for repairing the PST files. So whenever you encounter corruption in the PST file you run the Inbox repair tool. But there is one limitation of this tool, it cannot repair the files above 2GB size.

Now, all these solutions should work just fine for the problems they’ve designed for. But if you encounter some other problem in your Outlook then you should contact Outlook Customer Service.

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