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Creative Writing – The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy

Creative Writing – The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy

“The C of Content Writing is for creativity!” Understand the fact, and you will always find your content marketing strategy successful in enormous ways. According to Prezi, 55% of business professional have accepted that their interest in content is because of the creative stories. Realizing uniqueness and innovation as the key elements of high-quality content helps marketers to stand out among the rest.

While others are focusing on 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and CryptoCurrency; advertisers are shifting their prime focus on content marketing. Business writing is a professional and formal method of scripting words. However, in the case of creative writing, imagination is not everything.

Adapting Creativity for Remarkable Content

There are several factors that you need to focus on and assure if you are applying the content marketing strategy correctly or not.

Variety Adds the Sparkle to Your Writing

Once you have opted for a creative content strategy; writing a business proposal will also be challenging and interesting. Adding variety does not mean you change the message alone. It is about changing everything you post. Revise your scripting style according to the latest trends.

Opt for podcasts, videos, and infographics to attract your audience. The importance of video in digital marketing is rising every day. Mix up your posts and flip your topics for letting your fans come across various pieces of information.

Crack a Joke for a Boosted Up Fun

Most of the individuals do not even remember the last time they came across a blog. People will only dredge up memes and jokes that are able to cackle them with rolls on the floor. Humor is something unforgettable for human nature most probably.

Applying this strategy in content marketing is an effective way to gather readers and keep them engaged. Regardless of the topic you are writing, develop a tone that can assist you in making people smile or giggle for a moment. Boring content is least likely to get promoted.

Opt For Listicles and Make Them Remember

According to Hubspot, listicles are the most popular format of blogging in business. Moreover, 36% of readers opt-for articles with list-based headlines. Therefore, try to rely on this format because the trend of “top 10” is not annoying people but attracting them.

It is easy to find details in such blogs as readers can easily view their desired information between listings rather than searching for important highlights in a massive bundle of text. Always generate a script that looks attractive to the eyes and easy to read. Bullets and numbering seem a lot easier to go through.

Serve a Cause in Creative Business Writing

Creative writing grows with a content strategy that focuses on a purpose. Try to create scripts through which you can fire up a cause and enforce your readers to take positive action. Articles and blogs that lead us to something productive always stay in our minds.

Emphasize on two types of causes when you write. Either revolve around a topic that your readers are interested in. Engage them in investments or tips for better outcomes. Or select your passion as the focal point of your content. Your interest will surely flow through your words and attract every individual.

Better Statistics Lead To Fewer Confusions

According to KEYDifferenceMedia, 78% of readers are most likely to trust your brand name if your product customizes content. Besides this, as per a survey by Forbes, the maximum use of statistics in a blog post increases the consumer trust. Facts are content elements that do not trap in arguments.

Quotes and stats are most probably attractive points that increase the ranking of your content. Also, it makes your script informational and adds to the readability as well. It is an approach that matters just like staying simple.

Get Visual and Let Them See Your Creativity

According to 32% of marketers in 2018, visual images were the most important part of their content marketing strategy. Moreover, studies estimate that 20% of individuals will read a text, while 80% of people opt for watching videos. Add more images and videos to your content and make it more engaging for viewers.

In the case you do not have many pictures to attach, there are enormous websites like PixaBay, Pexels, Unsplash, and much more that provide royalty-free images you can add to your posts easily. Inspire people by attaching pictures alongside your content and make it more attractive.

Roam Around Every Digital Medium

It is a great opportunity to revolve around every possible digital channel. Besides looking out to the graphics and blog posts on every platform, go further to promote your content. Add varieties like podcasts, memes, and eBooks.

Always opt for a method that is effective for your business. Your content marketing strategy needs to benefit you and not others. If you have a team that can create conversational podcasts and hilarious memes, do not opt-out. Go for every possible way your readers can remember you and revisit you. 

Ask Maximum Questions While You Write

One of the most efficient ways to engage your readers is by asking them maximum questions. Starting a blog with a question or ending one with it is a worthy strategy. The maximum responses on social media can be found on questions.

Queries are a way of creating curiosity among readers. Make sure you are smart enough to respond back if you have questions in your content. Asking your audience is a whole new step towards infinite suggestions and positive recommendations. Therefore, ask authentic quests only and communicate with your readers quickly.

The Final Thought to Creative Writing

With the advancements taking place in today’s futuristic era, opt for a content strategy that relies on creativeness. Game-changing scripts are going to rule in the upcoming corporate future. Basically, business writing relies a lot on unique scripts and content impossible to find elsewhere.

Distinctiveness in your material comes with imagination, efforts, and creativity. Staying trendy will soon demand you to be innovative; therefore, start adapting the tactic now and generate results for successful growth.


Steve Martin is a Professional Content Writer and Digital Marketer at Gogetdeals as well as working with Benson for Beds Discount Codes. He is striving to make the most of the new opportunities that come his way

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