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Does your Neck, Shoulder, and entire Body feel heavy and stiff because of all the stress at Work and Home? Do you feel like you are in dire need of relaxation and having a tranquil Massage Session? Well, then book a Massage Therapist right now! You won’t easily get a Walk-in Appointment at a Spa. And rather who’d want to drive to the Spa when you can easily get an At-Home Spa Treatment! With Zeel Massage Clone App, one can Book an Instant Massage Session at their home itself! 

Let’s hear it for Delilah’s experience of booking a Massage Therapist via the App! 


Delilah’s Grandmother has recently recovered from Stage II Colorectal Cancer. Her Grandmother was complaining about the pain and stress she’s feeling in her body Post Chemo Therapies. 

Luckily while scrolling through the Apple App Store, Delilah stumbled upon Uber for Massage Therapists App. She Installed the App and with One-Step Registration via Facebook Account, she Signed Up and looked for kinds of Massage offered on the App.

Well, the App had Oncology Massage in their On-Demand Massage Services List.  Oncology Massage is like a retreat for Patients who’ve undergone Cancer Treatment. This Massage is a Specialized Treatment that combines various styles like Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage, lymphatic massage, etc. The Massage is purposed to work through with Gentle Touch and Steady Movements along the Central Nervous System to relax the Body! Thus, even Doctors recommend hiring only a Trained and Certified Oncology Massage Therapist.  

So, after Delilah clicked on the Oncology Massage on the Home Screen Menu, Two Therapists near her home in 3107 Jackson St, Sioux City, USA showed up. Before choosing one of them, she went through their Profiles to compare their Experience, Background, Ratings & Reviews. She also viewed their Photo Gallery for better clarity. 

Thereafter, she Booked an Instant Massage Session with a Female 5-Star Rated Uber For Massage Therapists App. She clicked on the ‘At User Location’ to get At-Home Service. The Therapist arrived at their home 10 minutes earlier than the said Time. The Female Therapist came Fully-Equipped with a heating blanket, soft pillow, clean bedsheets, and a Portable Massage Chair. 

Delilah was half impressed with the Professional Service then and there. Later on, she noticed that the Therapist came in wearing an N95 Face Mask and Face Shield. After setting up the Massage Station in her Grandmother’s not so Spa-like Room, the Therapist wore a PPE Kit and sanitized her hands. 

Before the Massage Session started, the Therapist clicked a Selfie with her Face Mask on and uploaded it on the App. Out of Curiosity, Delilah asked her why she uploaded a Selfie with a Face Mask. Well, the Therapist said that Face Mask Verification is an Essential Step to Start a Massage Session on Uber For Massage Therapists App.

The session continued for 60 minutes for a charge of US$ 120. After the Therapist used Slide Tab to end the Session, an Invoice Summary with a Final Total of US$134.4 (Service Charge US$ 120+Tax @12% US$14.4) was generated. Delilah received a Text Message quoting ‘Tranx of US$ 134.4 debited from your AMEX Credit Card 5xxx008.” 

Delilah loved this Zeel Massage Clone App Service and gave 5 Star to the Therapist. She asked her Grandmother if she felt better or not. Her Grandmother said that she feels so light, calm, and relaxed that she’d like to call the same Therapist again. Well, without waiting another minute, Delilah marked the Therapist as her ‘Favorite’ so that when they request a Session next time, this particular Therapist gets Priority! 


This App is surely a delight for people who want to get a Relaxing Massage. So, Entrepreneurs, do you want to build a similar App that offers On-Demand Massage Services to App Users like Delilah? Well, there are Millions of people seeking At-Home Luxurious Services like Massage. So, give them the chance to Book the next Massage Session on your Uber for Massage Therapists App. 

Launch the App in just a Week and start raking in Profits from Day 1 of the Operations. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.