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Quick Guide About UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation

Quick Guide About UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation

Are you planning to relocate to the UAE? It is a great idea to bring your loved one along when taking up long-term stay in another country. You should be aware of the various procedures regarding the process. Having a marriage certificate from your country of origin is not enough. You should have your marriage certificate attested to get the UAE family visa. 

Having your marriage certificate is a prerequisite when applying for a family visa to the UAE. The local authorities have to make sure that the marriage certificate you are submitting is authentic. Getting the certificate attested is the best way to guarantee that it’s legal. You will have to take the marriage certificate to the UAE embassy in your country before applying for the family visa. Fortunately, you can use a professional attestation agency to handle the process on your behalf. 

What is marriage certificate attestation? 

Attestation is a method to verify the authenticity and originality of a marriage certificate and having the verifying personnel to sign on it. You have to submit the original marriage certificate and copies to the attestation agency for verification. These will verify the certificate with relevant stamps and signatures. It is impossible to get a family visa for the UAE without submitting your attested marriage certificate. 

The attestation procedure for a marriage certificate is quite long and hectic and involves getting the required stamps and signatures from various offices. This takes time, money, and effort. Fortunately, you can hire a professional agency for marriage certificate attestation service to save you the trouble. After going through the necessary steps, the municipality will grant you an attested marriage certificate. The whole process might take about 10 days.

Getting your marriage certificate attested

To get a marriage certificate attest for a UAE family visa requires submitting mandatory supporting documents including your passport copy, original marriage certificate, and photocopies of the marriage certificate. Getting a marriage certificate for UAE family visa attested go through various procedures including:

Step 1: Notary department 

According to, a notary public is a legal official of integrity appointed by the state. The notary serves the public as an impartial witness in various fraud deterrent actions. In the process of attesting a marriage certificate, the notary has to certify that it’s genuine. You have to submit the original marriage certificate for verification. 

Step 2: Human Resource Development

You also have to submit your marriage certificate to the Human Resources Development (HRD) for attestation. This phase of attestation involves verifying the originality and genuineness of the document submitted. The HRD is a government body whose role is to authenticate submitted marriage certificates to ensure they meet UAE family visa requirements. 

Ministry of External Affairs 

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) handles MEA attestation and Apostille attestation. When your country of origin has a membership to the Hague Convention, your marriage certificate needs an Apostille stamp for proof of attestation. MEA attestation follows the regular certificate attestation procedure. This requires submitting your marriage certificate to the Ministry of External Affairs for appropriate verification. 

Embassy attestation

This is the last stage in the marriage certificate attestation process. After getting your certificate attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, you will have to submit it to the embassy of the UAE to attest your certificate after verification. The embassy will crosscheck your marriage certificate before applying the appropriate seal.

Contents of a marriage certificate 

A marriage certificate is legal proof of marriage. This is issued by the church, temple, mosque, or state in your home country. It should include details including:

  • Age
  • Date of Marriage
  • Place of the Marriage
  • Name of the witnesses
  • Marital status of the parties
  • Address of the Bride and the Groom
  • Name of the bride and the groom
  • Name of the person who formalized the marriage

Getting your marriage certificate is mandatory to get a family visa to UAE . The attestation process legalizes your marriage in your home country to meet UAE laws. This is because it is illegal for a couple to live together without marriage. Having an attested marriage certificate ensures that you are not going against the law by living with your spouse. 

Other situations when to get your marriage certificate attested apart from obtaining a family visa include:

  • Need to adopt a child
  • When filing for divorce
  • Getting insurance
  • When your wife gives birth in a hospital 
  • Trying to get a passport for your child 
  • Seeking admission for your kids in school
  • Adding or removing a name in your passport

Bottom line

The UAE is a wonderful travel destination with endless opportunities. When planning to settle in this country, you need to get your marriage certificate attested for various situations. Apart from increasing your chances of obtaining a resident visa, an attested marriage certificate will allow access to various services including education for your kids and medical care. 

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