5 Types Of Snapchat Ads You Can Create To Promote Your Business

You all are familiar with Facebook ads and Instagram ads. But what about the competitive platform, Snapchat? Though Snapchat is not as popular as the other two, it is still one of the most active platforms for social media users. Snapchat boasts over 249 million daily active users worldwide. Such a figure has compelled so many businesses to take this platform seriously.

Now, coming to the Snapchat ads, they can be classified under two major categories – Attachment ads and Filter ads. Companies offering social media marketing services in Delhi often talk about these ads with their clients for better ad campaigns.

Before we move on to different varieties of Snapchat ads, let us have a brief description of the above-mentioned categories.

Attachment ads are the ads used for direct response. These ads are usually designed in video format or GIF format so as to draw the attention of the audience in seconds. They are generally displayed on Snapchat stories and contain internal links which when clicked direct the users to a specific landing page.

Filter ads, on the other hand, are designed to spread brand awareness. They are usually created in both image and video format, ensuring a strong exposure of the brand to the right audience.

Are you planning to create a Snapchat ad campaign? In that case, you should learn different types of ads that are usually used for such campaigns. Keep reading the following points.

5 Types of Snapchat ads you can create for your business promotion

  • Snapchat article ads: Snapchat gives you an option to promote your articles using its article ad format. These ads are usually designed in a vertical format and they fill up the entire mobile screen, amplifying the ad image in its best possible way.

In Snapchat article ads, you can include text, in-line videos, and GIFs, making the ad informative and engaging at its best. These ads are usually displayed under Snapchat’s Discover section where Snapchat stories and articles by other publishers are featured.

  • Snapchat sponsored geofilter ads: Snapchat’s geofilter ads are designed based on a specific location. They work well for the campaigns where you are targeting a specific location or a major event.

Are you interested in creating geofilters? Well, you must consider a few things before making such creations.

Suppose you are planning for the event-geofilters, these ads will appear to the audience in the location of the event. Shared spaces geofilters are displayed to the users in shared places like the mall, airport, station, etc. If you are running a chain-geofilters campaign, it will appear to your brick-and-mortar store. While national geofilters appear to the country you are targeting. 

  • Snapchat sponsored lenses: Snapchat sponsored lenses are filter ads that add a filter to someone’s face displayed on the screen. These faces are usually the funny faces that cover the entire face with some fun accessories. These ads are just for fun and build a strong engagement both individually and in groups.
  • Snapchat long-form video ads: Long-form video ads are recommended to advertisers who are interested in advertising movie trailers, behind the scene footage, and other long videos on different subjects. Are you planning to create such lengthy videos? Snapchat long-form video ads make the best option.

In the long-form video ads, a short 10-second preview of the lengthy video is displayed at first. The ad also contains a “Watch” CTA, which when clicked plays the entire ad without any break. You just need to swipe up the screen to play the entire video.

  • Snapchat web view ads: Snapchat web view ads are something very unique, that you will hardly find in other social media advertising options. In this ad-option, you are allowed to add your business website and display it in the form of an ad. Whenever the ad appears, users can click the CTA button or the swipe option to view the entire website and make their relevant purchases without leaving the app.


So, as you can see, Snapchat ads are available in multiple options. However, most of them are found quite expensive. Before starting with your ad campaign, you can consult with the social media experts who are actually specialized in running a successful campaign on Snapchat.

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