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Types Of Decking and Benefits

Types Of Decking and Benefits

Installing a deck in your house can be a great experience. Why? Because home should be attractive from both inside and outside, and a layer can increase an appealing exterior look. How to choose a decking for your house. So we are here to help you, there are abundant choices in designs. A deck can help you give an aesthetic look to your home, you can sit outside and enjoy the evening with your family and friends. 



Types of Decking 

The decking can be made of different materials, and a variety of options are available with beautiful Patterns. 

We have categorized decks in some of the basic types:- 

1. Pressure-Treated Lumber:-

It is known for it’s an affordable range, readily available coast-to-coast, and easy to cut and fasten with nails or screws. 

2. Redwood and Cedar:- 

Redwood and Cedar is the beautiful natural classic option without any chemical or preservatives with its beautiful vibrant colors. The tannins and oils present in these them to not face any rot, decay, or voracious insects, which will help to protect it from crack and splinters. Both of these are light-weighted, widely available, and strong.

3. Tropical Hardwoods:- 

Some of the tropical hardwoods available are Massaranduba, tigerwood, and Philippine mahogany. 

These woods are resistant to insects and decay, very hard, durable, and last up to 50 years.  However, they are a bit heavy and difficult to cut and drill. 

4. Composites:- 

These are the most popular decking material among buyers. These are present in a variety of colors. It is resistant to stains and rot. Composites are less expensive than plastic lumber. 

5. Aluminum:- 

Aluminum is always a cool option to use. It won’t rust or crack and obviously weather and fire-resistant. It is lighter yet stronger and waterproof. So, aluminum is among the good and easy option.

These options for the deck are highly available and attractive. Therefore, you can choose or rely on any of them. 

A deck in your house can show a versatile effect, but then here are some amazing advantages of having a deck.

Benefits of Adding a Decking To Your Home.

1. Increase Property Value:- 

One of the best features of adding a deck is that it will boost your home value, as more appealing look, more usable space, and more safety mean a higher property value.

2. Adds a different and beautiful effect on your home exterior:- 

A deck will give your exterior front an amazing look; you can choose any color, any design or paint the deck according to you. 

3. Extra space will be increased:- 

Decks are a great place which increases the square footage of your home. You can do the planting, bird feeding, eat your favorite food, relax and enjoy nature.

4. Provide a Room to Host Parties and an excellent place for family Get-togethers:- 

Family time and partying with friends are important memories, so decks are the Great place to spend time with family, throw summer parties where guests can enjoy the light music and fresh air.

5. Improve safety:- 

Decking helps to increase safety. 

6. Low to maintain:- 

Low to maintain feature is itself a great advantage, low cost, better facility. Thus decks require less maintenance and give an appealing look to the house.

7. Supports a Healthy Lifestyle:- 

A deck can be a catalyst to your healthy lifestyle as families with good outdoor areas tend to eat more home-cooked food and enjoy the quality time together.

8. Customize deck according to you: 

The vary most benefit of the deck is that you can customize it according to you, may any color, any design, any texture one can add any of these accordingly.

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