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Type of contractors in construction industry

Type of contractors in construction industry

An individual or an organization that takes a contract or agreement of construction work, which is building, civil or any engineering construction are called contractors.There are many kinds of contractors under the umbrella of construction industry:

Approved contractors:

A person or an organization officially listed in people or organizations and have proved that they can do reliable and piece of quality work. Approved contractor is thattype of contractor who shows that they have professional skills, potential, management and wish to warmhearted the offered project. Approved contractors are fully licensed and insured contractors. They are commonly recognized as approved contractor persons. They have to follow proper term & conditions of the offered project.

Construction manager:

Construction manager is a skilled person who is responsible to provide good management. He is also bound to maintain project’s schedule, cost, safety and quality.Agreement of construction manager is not to work directly but to supervise ‘client contractors’ and work progress. He is also known as site manager.  All working of the project is supervised by him. You can find best contractor in Karachi here.

Build contractors:

There are two types of build construction manager. A ‘residential build contractor’ and ‘commercial build contractor’. Residential build contractor supervise and check the single house or multi-house plans. A commercial build contractor is responsible to maintain the markets, shopping malls, stores, hotel and all other commercial constructions. In general, contractor who is bound to complete the work of construction is called build contractor.

Design Contractor:

Normally, a general contractor is also a design builder. On the other hand, most of the projects are supervised by design builder. They are architect, architectural professionals, design professionals or technologists.  Mostly design build contractor is skilled inboth, in design and construction. It is also called design-build contractor. a contractor that is responsible to of all designing of the project is called design contractor.

General Contractor:

A general contractor is called main contractor or prime contractor. He supervises the project day to day.  General contractor is responsible to supervise the project from start to end. Sometime he provides operational also. He is bound to avail the operational staff, labor, plumber etc. a general contractor mostly engage specialist subcontractors to take some or much part of the project. In other words, we can say that general contractor is head of the construction team.

Domestic sub-contractor:

A domestic sub-contractor is any sub-contractor which is hired by main contractor. The work of the sub-contractor is that which the main contractor signs with clients. So, sub-contractor comes in building construction project with the choice of main contractor. Sub-contractor also does a part of work in the project. another type of sub-contractor is the nominated sub-contractor who comes in the project by the choice of the client.

Management contractor:

Management contracting is a commitment in which contractor manage the whole work with the contribution of small parts of works to make the work complete. Management contractor work like construction manager. Management contractor is not bound to work himself but he supervise the “working team” including architect, engineers, and inspectors. Management contractor is hired at pre-construction stages of the project.

Principle contractor:

Principle contractor take overall inspection of the project. Principle contractor is appointed by the client and there should be just one principle contractor in the overall project. Principle contractor should be highly experienced. contractor under the “CDM regulation” is named as principle contractor. He is responsible for planning, management and supervise health and safety matters during work on project. Principle contractor must have high capability in relevant works.

HVAC Contractor:

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These contactors are expert in maintenance and installation of heat pumps, furnaces, central air conditioners and boilers. So HVAC Sub-contractors   work on plumbing, heating and air conditioning. This is indoor and vehicular service technology. These contractors are also called as mechanical contractors. These contractors are very important contractor of construction project.

Decoration contractor:

This type of sub-contractor in construction industry is responsible to every kind of decoration including paper hanging, painting roof decoration etc. these contractors work with legend interiors. They have perfect mastering of technical details. This work include in interior complex fittings and furniture integrates.  overall this contractor has important role in any construction project.

Electrical work contractor:

In any construction project, electrical work has very important place. Electricity is the main part of any building. A contractor who manage and complete all electrical work requirement is called electrical contractor.. . .  . This type of contractor is responsible to provide all designing and installation of electricity demands on the site.

Work package Contractor:

It is known as WPC (work package contractor). A sub-contractorwho manage masonry work, stone project, insulation, plastering, drywall. As in some buildings there is layer between external section and interior wall, these contractors remain in touch from beginning to end during construction project. These contractors take all construction work packages of the site. It provides the detailed profile of the work project of the site.

Wooden work Contractor:

On most sites, this type of contractors seen mostly because carpentry and floor work is very important in any construction project. Carpenter do work of wood like cabinets, framing and doors etc. flooring is also a main work of construction project. These contractors check that floor has perfect work. these contractors are also responsible for carved furniture work and all kind of carving activity.

Concrete Contractor:

This type of contractor has specific training and expertise individually or in team work who manage concrete in it’s different conditions from unmixed combination to produced product. Concrete contractor check the delivered work and make sure that concrete has been put correctly. It has big work in construction projects. According to survey, this is vast work and there are most chances to success in this work.

Special Trade contractor:

In construction of any building overall work is divided into categories. These special categories are also called package contractors. This contractor is responsible to proceed a special package is called special trade contractor. the primary activity of special trade contractor is site preparation, painting, plumbing, pouring concrete and electrical work.


In construction industry, Supplier is common term in construction industry. It is a contractor who is responsible to provide all type of material and goods of the construction work. Supplier plays an important role in the construction industry. If there is no supplier, any construction doesn’t mean to complete. Construction get an end with the supplier in construction industry.


There are just few type contractors who hire further sub-contractors to create a chain so that completion should be possible as soon as possible. Concrete contractor work is important. When a project is proposed People enter as a contractor in that package or offer in which they are special.All contractors work like a team. With the contribution of all contractors a completion process can be made possible.

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