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Turn your Android phone into a smart remote control

Turn your Android phone into a smart remote control

Frustrated with the long TV ads but can’t change the channel because you’ve misplaced the remote somewhere? This is the most frequent occurrence in every household.

The TV remote is one of the few devices that nobody seems to remember where it’s kept at. It’s a painful thing to search for the remote control and disrupts the TV viewing experience.

But with technology touching stellar heights, you don’t have to worry about losing the remote control again. Latest mobile technology has made it possible for you to control your TV and streaming devices with the help of your mobile phone. Not only that, it offers enhanced functionalities that the normal remote control and upgrades your viewing experience.

Smart remote app for controlling your television

There are several apps available for devices through which you can control your TV and devices. One of the widely popular apps is the Peel smart remote app which comes pre-installed with a lot of Android phones that have IR blasters in them. It is a holistic remote solution for your TV that provides you with the ability to control your TV with your Android phone. It has a rich graphical user interface and delights you with its enhanced features. It is supported by the IR blasters of the phone.

However, the good thing is that if you don’t have a phone which has IR blasters enabled, you can connect your phone and devices with the same Wi-Fi network to control them using the Peel smart remote app.

An array of modern features

Peel is an intelligent remote app that not only allows you to control your TV but also provides an array of features that transform your television. It differs from the traditional TV remote by providing you with a list of programs to watch based on your channel history. It keeps a simple track of channels and personalizes your television viewing by recommending channels.

TV guide and social-media friendly

Peel smart remote offers a comprehensive TV guide that provides a list of channels and allows you to manage what you want to watch next week. This remote has a unique feature that allows you to share your favorite TV shows and watch list on social media with your friends.

Responsive application

Smart TV remote apps adapt to the user’s phone interface and Peel is no different. It has a responsive interface that matches the user’s phone screen size and buttons that are auto-tuned according to that. They have a similar appearance to an actual remote and you can also set up various rooms in the app.

Easy installation and Setup

Setting up the Peel smart remote control app is an easy task. Install the app from the Android store and follow the instructions for setup which are pretty easy to follow. Once inside the app, just select the TV brand and set your location for the TV guide to get personalized results according to the region. In the final stage, you will be prompted to test the buttons and the tabs to confirm they are functioning properly.

Even if your Android Smartphone doesn’t have built-in IR, you can still connect your phone and devices over the same Wi-fi network and operate the app. Another cool feature is that Peel remote now supports air conditioning as well and makes it easier to control your AC with your phone.

It’s time to transform the way to watch television and turn it into a smart device with the smart remote control app. At the tap of a thumb, you can access all the TV channels and have an excellent television watching experience.

Even though we can’t find our tv remote all the time, we have our phones with us to save the day when our favorite program is about to begin on the tv. Whenever you can’t find the remote, just open your phone and give your tv the gift of the Peel smart remote control app.

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