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How Turn Your E-commerce Store into Mobile App?

How Turn Your E-commerce Store into Mobile App?

Imagine if a huge e-commerce store like Shopify or Big Basket did not have their mobile apps? How it’d have changed the entire shopping experience for the customer who’d have had to entirely rely only on their website? For starters, slower loading time, followed by lesser features, and most importantly, lacking personalized choices for each shopper to help make their experience special, unique and most satisfactory.

Thank the latest advancements in technology that made online shopping possible by introducing e-commerce, which went a step further in providing a faster, immediate and convenient shopping experience via m-commerce.

Leap from e-commerce to m-commerce

Retailers understood well in time that to diversify their reach and make their business more profitable, they’d have to serve their customers exactly where they are most of the time – online. And then they made the second biggest achievement by realizing the invaluable worth of mobile phones for people today.

Mobile App

A majority of the population today makes a huge segment of their purchases online over their smartphones. The reason: it’s far more convenient to browse through categories, choose what you like and then proceed to checkout; pay then or later upon delivery and you’re done!And all this in literally no time at all. Indeed, the leap from e-commerce to m-commerce is quite commendable and welcoming too.

How to convert your e-commerce site into a mobile app?

Since it’s a vital utility for your business, we would recommend seeking the help of a professional in going about this task. There are a number of companies around that specialize in mobile app development particularly for those firms which already have an online presence in the form of an e-commerce portal. An app development company will thoroughly understand your needs while guiding you on how to initiate the conversion from e-commerce to m-commerce, to your benefit.

Ready to launch a mobile app? Hire us to help

One of the professional service providers in this arena who could be of great help to you is Webcom Systems. They have a full-fledged expert team that deals in mobile application development, among other IT solutions namely web design and development, e-commerce solutions, creation of UI/UX designs, and so forth.

Coming back to mobile app development services, Webcom Systems specializes in developing mobile apps on both Android as well as iOS in tune with cloud technology and analytics.

Convert website to app in a jiffy

First creating an e-commerce web portal and then launching an additional mobile app to effectively reach more users can actually weigh down on your estimated company budget. As such, an efficient mobile app development company should be able to offer easy-on-the-pocket ideas and solutions that are innovative too, to help grow your business. Moreover, the services offered should be customization in nature so that amends to suit client needs can be made without hassle.

If e-commerce is the present, m-commerce surely is the future of online business. With smartphones having come into the grip of every hand in the country, it only makes sense to function your business via mobile apps.

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