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Turn Your Data Science Into A High Performing Machine

Turn Your Data Science Into A High Performing Machine

Do you love watching movies??? Who does not right? Netflix you know is a popular streaming service where customers enjoy watching their favourite movies, documentaries, tv shows etc. on thousands of internet-enabled machines without any disturbance. They use data science to extract movie viewing patterns from their customer data to find out what kick-off user interest and with the same results they decide which Netflix original series should be produced.

Let me give you one more example –

Uber – the most commonly used smartphone app that allows you to book a cab.  They have a huge database of drivers, customers, and several other records. These data are used to receive insights to provide best services to its users. They have a huge database of their drivers and when you book a cab, they match your profile with the most appropriate driver. Data science is best used by Uber to compute its changes in price. They increase the price of the ride when drivers available in an area are less in comparison to the riders. This happens only during the shortage of drivers in any given area. Conversely, if the need for Uber rides is less, then Uber rates come down. This brilliant pricing is present in Big Data and makes exceptional usage of data science. I help to estimate the tariffs based on the different factors.

Want to know more?

In other words, data science is the secret key for any Company who desires to boost their business. Data science is embedded in a number of industries like social media, e-commerce, transportation, banking and many more. Every Company in recent times uses data science training in Chennai to make its products and services better which in turn helps them make a profile. So this can come to use as a powerful high performing machine to make your business reach greater heights.

Data science is something that was prevalent in ancient times also. Old Egyptians utilized enumeration information to build viability in expense accumulation and they exactly anticipated the flooding of the Nile waterway consistently which spared a few lives.

Importance of data science in developing the data product

Data scientists play an important role in developing data product. This included building out algorithms, as well as testing, refinement, and technical deployment into production systems. Data scientist work starts with data evaluation. They work like detectives and investigate clues and try to understand pattern or properties within the data. This requires a big amount of analytical vision. Data Science is a top trending technology in recent times.

One can learn data science easily if they have knowledge in statistical programming languages like R or Python. You should be strong in statistics and mathematical concepts. Python with Data Science has a high demand as it widely comes in use by the machine learning domain to assess unstructured data from the web. You can find the best training for the same at Testleaf. They follow a case study approach as learning theory alone will not take you anywhere. Their course includes 10 algorithms and among that, 3 are important algorithms in all organizations.

Master data science in 7 weekends

You can master data science in 7 weekends if you are already strong in python language else you will have to first go for python training to master the language first and then proceed with data science training here.  You get trained by trainers who are real-time professionals with 6+ years of experience and are best in the industry. Training at Testleaf will make you confident to use data analytic lifecycle for data-related projects. The training makes you recognize the data pattern and how to get information from a set of data. Don’t believe in free demos – get trained from the trusted brand called TestLeaf. All the best!

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