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The Trending Retail Displays That You Can Try in Your Store

The Trending Retail Displays That You Can Try in Your Store

The retail displays & visual merchandising is and will always be essential in driving attention & conversions in brick-and-mortar retail. The studies have shown that much of the information that human beings process comes through the sense of sight. Human beings are highly visual in nature, and this is the fact that is crucial when you are running a physical store. One of the major reasons why people decide to shop offline is to see merchandise in person, and this is all the more reason to design winning retail displays. 

Read on for tips and examples of visual merchandising and trending retail displays:

1.Creating immersive retail displays

The best way to make a lasting impression is to immerse your customers in a particular setting or environment. It is very important that you must select colors and patterns that can instantly catch the eyes of the customer. You can also play with the design of the fixture, lighting, and other elements, thus creating an impressive outlay.

2. Encouraging people to touch & feel your products –

The major reason why people shop in a brick and mortar store instead of e-commerce is that physical retail enables shoppers to touch as well as feel the items in person. Thus, you should ideally take your products out of their packaging & get shoppers to really experience your merchandise. For example, a hairdryer brand should ideally showcase or display their product by unboxing them rather than just placing the complete package.

3. Using plants

One of things that you can spot in trending retail displays is adding splash of greenery.  If you want an affordable and easy way to breathe life into your visual merchandising, then use plants. Doing so does not just make your displays much more attractive; they can also create a more pleasant and healthier shopping experience. The real plants can help in purifying the air & increasing the indoor air quality. They act as sound absorbers and also reduce noise pollution. Having more green displays clearly and has certain benefits. You should consider incorporating plants into your designs.

4. Do not forget about cross-merchandising –

Cross-merchandising is a very subtle yet effective way of increasing basket sized & average order values. The practice promotes product discovery & entices shoppers to look at items that complement what they are already purchasing. There are numerous ways to implement cross-merchandising. One is to merchandise items that go together. For example, if you are selling clothes, then you can keep matching accessories in your shop.

5. Having something for the kids –

Well, this can be your jackpot. Many a time shoppers are not able to have a look at all the products because it becomes difficult to handle kids along with shopping. Having a dedicated area for kids to play around, the customers can shop in a relaxed atmosphere.

6. Keeping them portable

Portability is an integral part of trending retail displays. If the area of your store is small, it would be wide to keep the displays portable in order to make the best use of your space. Such displays are indeed easier and flexible to move. So, you can quickly re-merchandise your shop or make room for other things if necessary. Portable displays can also help in retaining your visual merchandising focused and on-point. Since you have limited space, you are forced to only display the most crucial & most high-impact products.

7. Using displays for educating people regarding your products

If your products require a bit of explaining, then this could be a good idea to use your displays to educate shoppers about your items. 


Following the above-mentioned pointers can help you in incorporating trending retail displays for your retail business. The bottom line is that you must not solely rely on any trending retail displays, rather choose the one that matches your business requirement and at the same time it’s appealing. 

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