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Trekking places near Nagpur for Nature Lovers

Trekking places near Nagpur for Nature Lovers

Nagpur city in Maharashtra is blessed with so many mountains and some amazing treks. Some top places for trekking in Nagpur in monsoon or any other season are Khekranala, Ramtek, Waki Woods, Amba Khori, Khindsi Lake, and many more. This article will provide detailed information about trekking places near Nagpur and their distances and difficulty in trekking levels.


Almost 55 km from Nagpur, you come across this beautiful Lake Khekranala. The surrounding area is great for people who love trekking. The Nagalwadi jungle around the lake is a great place for jungle safari. There is also an MTDC resort inside this jungle. The hiking trails around here range from easy to moderate level treks.

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Ramtek and Khindsi Lake

Located in the Satpuda mountain ranges, the Ramtek mountain and Khindsi lake are popular weekend getaways from Nagpur. Both of them are located around 50 km away from the city of Nagpur. You can go camping along the banks of the beautiful lake, or go trekking up the mountains here. The area has the most beautiful scenery and sunrise and sunset here are amazing.

Waki Woods

Just 30 km away from Nagpur, Waki Woods are the best weekend destination near Nagpur. It is located on Saoner road. You can get a tent, water and excellent food here for minimum cost. Facilities like electricity and telephone are also provided by the camping spot.

You can do activities like trekking, bird watching, boating, archery, horse riding, nature trails and much more at Waki Woods. Also, the unique experience of Maharashtrian cultural performances, devotional songs, etc is provided to give the visitors a very unique experience.

Amba Khori Waterfalls

You can experience heaven at this place in the monsoon (Jun to Sept). Amba Khori waterfall is located inside a forest reserve. You need to take the permission of the forest department to enter the forest here. The waterfalls are on Pench river near Totladoh. The place is around 80 km from Nagpur, but the drive is well worth it.

Kukdi Khapa Waterfall

Kukdi Khapa waterfall is a place you must visit in the monsoon. It is located in Sillevani mountain range. It is 110 km from Nagpur which means a 2-3 hour drive. This makes it the best one day trip from Nagpur. The water plunges below from 60 feet. The waterfall is located near Chhindwara railway station.

Nagardhan Fort

Nagardhan Fort is 40 km away from Nagpur and 10 km away from Ramtek. 

The fort has a square-shaped palace, and some other ruins as of today. It was built by Raja Raghuji Bhonsale, the Maratha king. Trekking up to the fort is easy. And it is like taking a walk through the glorious Maratha history.

Mansar Excavation

Mansar excavation site is located around 10 km from Nagardhan Fort. It is an interesting and important place of archaeological interest. The excavations here have resulted in the findings like a palace complex recognised as Pravarapura, various shrines, ancient temples and an extensive temple complex. This is said to be the capital city of Vakataka King Pravarasena II from the 3rd and 4th century. It is around 45 km from Nagpur on Nagpur – Jabalpur highway. 

Ramtek – Chorbawli Trek

Ramtek to Chorbawli Trek is located near Khindsi Lake. The forest authorities here have developed a hiking trail inside the forest. You can go birdwatching here. There are numerous species of birds found near the Khindsi Lake. There is a resort here called – Singapore Cherry Farm Adventure Village. It is 50 km or 2 hours drive away from Nagpur.

Mogarkasa Forest

Mogarkasa Forest is 65 km or a 2 – hour drive away from Nagpur. It is a lush forest with a lake inside. There is also a resort inside the forest. It is spread over 16 km and is the best place for watching wildlife, or for nature trails. This is because the forest is very rich with both flora and fauna.

Maitraban Bore Dam Trek

Just 25 km from Nagpur, Maitraban Bore Dam is the ideal location for a one day trip from Nagpur. Alternatively, you can also spend the weekend here. The surroundings of the dam are extremely scenic. There are teak wood trees on all sides. You can also see the famous Zilpi irrigation on one side. The dam is a great picnic spot for nature lovers. The Bor wildlife sanctuary nearby is another popular picnic spot here. The Dam is located in Selu Taluka, Wardha district near Nagpur, in Maharashtra, India.

So these were some of the best places for trekking near Nagpur. If you love Nature walks you should plan a weekend trip to one of them.

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