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Traveling with Pets: All you need to know

Traveling with Pets: All you need to know

Do you know what’s better than a vacation? One with your pet! 

Pets are lovely friends, and buddies- and the perfect companion for a travel experience.

However, you should know that taking your fur baby along with you during traveling- whether for business reasons or an explicit holiday vacation plan- would sum up to make things a little bit more complicated. 

But, that’s not to mean you can’t have your favorite buddy by your side while you enjoy the Caribbean beach’s sun! This article demystifies the whole concept of traveling with pets; stating explicitly what you should know while you put your bags together. 

Plan well ahead 

Just as any normal travel experience, you know you should plan well ahead. However, here, your plans should be more detailed. These tips should be helpful:

  • If you would be traveling by road, ensure you take your pet on a trial drive. Try as much as possible to be observant. Do the seemingly-unending-racing-trees make your dog anxious? Does your cat stress? Also, check if your pet loves to have his head outside the window. If so, try as much as possible to caution this habit, as it could be potentially dangerous and could lead to ear damage or lung infections. 
  • Also, if you would be hitting the road, check out for pet-friendly accommodations along your route. This would help alleviate tensions, in case of unexpected overnight stops. 
  • If you would be flying the skies, research your potential airline options. Most airlines usually have their pet-travelers in the cabin; a cabin with limited space. Proper research would grant you an insight into an estimate of such space, and give you the opportunity to make your bookings well ahead, and timely. 
  • Again, make a list of the essentials you would need during your trip: food, a travel bed, an extra leash, travel bowl, a refillable water bottle, a pet carrier and pet waste supplies. If you would be going on a road trip- since you would most likely be on the road for extended periods- packing extra snacks would prove quite helpful. This would take care of the hunger strikes your pet would experience.  
  • Your pets need to be hydrated. Take along at least a gallon of water for your buddy. 

Don’t leave them alone 

It is never- and would never be- okay for you to leave your pet in the car for extended periods. That doesn’t even make a lot of sense since you would be taking them along for companionship reasons anyway. But sure, you might encounter destinations where there is a strictly no-pet policy. However, instead of leaving behind your pet in an 80-degrees car, look around for pet-friendly hotels. This would keep your pet a lot safer. 

Be a pessimist

Oh! Chill. I don’t mean you should write down a will in case of an accident. Definitely not. However, what if you and your pet lose contact in a strange land?

The last time I checked, neither have dogs nor long-hair cats nor any other animals evolved to a level of making phone calls. So, what to do?

Attach a second tag, that reads your name, your address, your phone number or any other information that would help a stranger successfully link your pet to you. 

Also, take along your Pet’s medical history in case of an emergency.

Keep your pet safe 

Lastly, you might be tempted to curl your pet upon your laps or even place him in the front seat during driving. But, don’t. Doing so, unnecessarily ramps up the risk of pet sustaining injuries. 

What you should do is get a sturdy kernel. It should be large enough for your pet to lie down, sit, stand and turn around successfully. 

If you would be traveling by air, keep tabs on the airline’s product certification including requirements and restrictions. This would help you make a more well-informed decision when choosing a pet carrier for, obviously, your pet.  

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