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Handy tips for contact lenses while traveling

Handy tips for contact lenses while traveling

Contact lenses, whether regular or crazy contacts used for Halloween and parties like the white out contact lenses UK, require proper care and maintenance so you can use them safely. Also, there are certain precaution one must take  while using contact lenses and there are certain precautions also for those who are using contacts while traveling. 

We would like to share important tips for you while you are travelling with your contact lenses.

1. Limit contact lens wear during a flight.

First important thing is that you must limit the use of contact lenses during flight. It is not advisable to wear disposable contacts during flights as the humidity levels are quite low aboard a plane, your disposable contacts are 69% made of water content. While you sit in air conditioned buildings the humidity levels are around 50-60%, while on an aircraft it drops below 25%. This will cause your contact lenses to dry out and distort during a flight. It is better to put them, off and place them in their storage with the solution. Also, if the flight is long and you would sleep for the majority of the time, then you would have to take them off.  But, if you are on a short flight and you want to keep them on then keep rewetting them with wetting drops.

2. Stock up your supply before you leave.

Carry everything you deem important with regards to contact lenses, almost every type of lenses are available everywhere, but due to legal issues some places may have different dispensing laws. You may be asked to have your eyes examined again to buy any types of lenses even though you know what was prescribed to you by your doctor, this will increase your expenses. It is always better to keep everything packed and ready before you leave for your vacations so you can avoid any unpleasant encounters.

3. Pack some contact lenses in your overnight bag.

There are instances where your luggage arrives late or gets shipped in another location by mistake, that is a real nightmare for anyone travelling. In order to avoid that it is better to keep a pair of contacts in your carry-on bag so you have a pair for such emergencies. Keep a pair or two with their solutions, drops and storage in your carry-on bag for insurance.

Also, most people usually travel around the world certain events such as conventions and parties, for such instances they buy coloured contact lenses such as white out contact lenses UK or back out lenses. In this case daily contacts are the best option as after one time use you can throw them away and wouldn’t need to carry any solution.

4. Daily contact lenses free up packing space

Many countries have certain restrictions with regards to carrying fluids in your luggage, this would also include the solution for your contact lenses. You may have to sacrifice some of your other items such as perfumes and other products to carry your lenses and its solution. So travelling with daily contact lenses instead of reusable lenses would allow you to save some space for other products as you would not need to carry solution for lenses.

5. Solutions come in all shapes and sizes.

If by chance you cannot find daily contact lenses according to your contact lenses then you can opt for monthly contact lenses with contact lenses for your travels to get the job donme.

6. Brand Names are worthwhile

You may not find home-brand contact lenses at your destination.  Mass optical dealers are now selling more house-brand contact lenses in an attempt to acquire the loyalty of the customers to their practices.  So if you have home-brand lenses then find the equivalent brand for those lenses on your next destination before you leave. It is always better to have your eye care specialist to tell you the equivalent of the home-brand contact lenses, he/she is prescribing you.  Or you can just choose to buy from a well known brand to save yourself the trouble.

7. Keep them clean

The hygiene of your contact lenses should be of utmost importance for you. When you are travelling there is always a possibility of your contacts catching foreign deposits, you don’t know may be the city you are traveling in have more air pollution than the one you live in. It is crucial that you keep your lenses clean and disinfected with the contact solution.

Whenever you come back to your rest house or hotel clean your lenses immediately and store them in the solution. Also, wash your eyes with cold water in order to clean them from any matter intruding your eye space. 

8. Give your eyes a vacation, too

When you are on vacation, have you considered giving your eyes a vacation as well?. While travelling in different countries and battling against different time zones will surely keep you awake for a few hours and allow you little sleep, this is quite strenuous on the health of your eyes. When you have some fun try taking a nap for good 8 hours to allow yourself and your eyes a well deserved rest, and make sure that you stop wearing contact lenses for some time to give your eyes some breathing space. Also keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water, it will also keep your eyes hydrated.

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